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High On Life Drums | Where to Find

High on Life Drums - Where to Find

Globo is just a musician trying to make it big in High On Life. The alien with a butt for a face can be seen hanging out with his buddy, who translates for Globo. As you can see, this individual is in need of some drums so that the world can finally discover his talent. That’s where we come in, for we know exactly where to get drums for this kid. The best part is you won’t have to go far to get some.

Where to Find Drums in High On Life

Where to Find Drums in High on Life

You can purchase drums at Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop for 78 pesos, located at the very end of the store with other miscellaneous items. The drums are one of the only items that you can buy in the shop; the rest belong to Mr. Keep. He’ll remind you, but he won’t care much for the drum kit. Make the purchase, then return to Globo and his friend to present the instrument.

The two locations aren’t too far from each other, they’re practically down the street. Globo and his supportive pal are in the downtown area while Mr. Keep’s shop is already recognizable since we’ve been there for our suit’s trial mode to deactivate. He also has that annoying child who loves to harass both him and any customers.

Now, you have to find Globo before you progress further into the game. Presumably when Blim City turns to nighttime, handing Globo the drums will instigate an achievement that’s fairly missable. “A Starfish is Born ” for 45 Gamerscore can be unlocked if you help Globo rise to fame.

As you complete each bounty, be on the lookout for Globo on TV. His musical gift will eventually get him to the big leagues, all thanks to your contribution.

If you don’t see him in the Blim City downtown area, you might be too late for this one. The game does allow up to three save slots to exist if you choose to jump back in for a completionist journey, though.

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Written by Andrew Smith