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High On Life Enter the First Lab | How to Complete Objective

High On Life Enter the First Lab - How to Complete Objective

The Skrendel Brothers are your fourth major bounty in High On Life. These two own a series of laboratories in the mucky radioactive area. Watch your step! Even entering this area can be a frustrating experience. As you explore the Lower Valley and Mushroom River, the game will ask you to enter the first Skrendel Bros Lab. Because the lab is so distant, you might wonder how you can make your way over there. This guide will walk you through the steps!

How to Complete the Enter the First Lab Objective

High On Life How to Complete the Enter the First Lab Objective

In order to reach the first Skrendel Labs area in High On Life, you will have to first parkour through the Mushroom River section of the game with use of your jetpack. The game will provide a waypoint, but you will need to make clever use of Gus’s disks, Knifey’s grapple, and your jetpack’s fuel to make it all the way. Once you get inside of the lab, talk to the Secretary in the front to trigger an alarm scene. Ride up the elevator and jump onto nearby platforms to trigger additional elevators and get all the way into the lab.

Getting near the lab in the first place requires precision jumping and good use of Gus. The Mushroom Valley is treacherous! Just remember to use your Grapple whenever possible and you will find your way across the fungal pass.

When you’re in the lab, you won’t be able to enter any part of the building except for the small lobby in front. Walk in there and talk to the bear with glasses to initiate the event.

Run out to the elevator and ride it until it stops. Then, check outside. You will see a platform with some enemies that you’ll have to take over. Take them out and call the next elevator with the red button. This’ll bring a small, enemy-packed elevator down that you must climb on. Then, finish the run off by leaping to the third, enemy-packed elevator. Ride it to the top to enter the First Lab!

Written by Andrew Smith