High On Life: How To Get Secret Ending Sequel-Bait Achievement Guide

High on Life is a crazy game filled with a bunch of achievements. Here you will go to an intergalactic universe and get to see how the alien world lives. You will be poisoned by some alien saliva and will learn their language. Some things in this game are pretty crazy, even the achievements.

This guide will show you how you can get the secret ending sequel bait achievement guide in High on Life.

How To Get Secret Ending Sequel-Bait Achievement Guide

To begin your journey in getting the secret ending, you need to get the Human Keycard.

The human keycard can be obtained from Clugg’s Office after you go to Applebee’s during the main story. This will occur right after the fifth bounty has been cleared out.

Your next objective is to go back to the teleportation machine and use the keycard to be able to select the Human Haven. The human haven will be found at the unknown sector area.

Once you are at that area, you need to use your jetpack and slowly start to make your way up. Look up where you will see a bunch of air vents. In front of each air vent, you will see a platform that you can stand onto and wait for your fuel meter to re charge.

Once you’ve made it to the highest platform up top, you will see a door that is locked. Here is where you will use the human keycard to unlock the door and go through.

From there, you need to follow the path that is given to you and you will unlock the secret ending.

We hope this guide helped you find the secret ending and got you the Sequel-bait achievement for High on Life.

Written by Borut Udovic

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