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High On Life Movie Theater | How to Unlock

High On Life Movie Theater - How to Unlock

High On Life is jam-packed with surprises, both expected and from way out of left field. The new FPS from Squanch Games throws the player into an experience where it feels somewhat close to home. So close, in fact, that they can actually visit a movie theater in the game and watch an entire movie! However, they must first unlock it. Here’s how that’s done.

How to Unlock the Movie Theater in High On Life

How to Unlock the Movie Theater in High on Life

You can unlock the movie theater by purchasing and placing its warp disc onto a warp signal. The disc comes from Blorto’s, a food vendor in Blim City that sells more than just culinary plates. Purchase the Movie Theater Warp Disc for three Warp Crystals, then head to a warp signal to activate the location.

Activating the movie theater will trigger two things. The first is an achievement for unlocking the location: “We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole Movie” for 45 Gamerscore. That’s quite a hefty amount for merely opening up the cinema. The second is purely for your pleasure: a full screening of the 1990 horror film Demon Wind from director Charles Philip Moore.

Indeed, aside from Tammy and the T-Rex at home, players can also enjoy some more horror by going to the movies. They won’t be alone, though. The front row features three talkative aliens who make comments throughout the whole movie. Not a minute will go by without some commentary from this trio.

This is a reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000, a comedy show that reviews movies and famously features three individuals talking and cracking jokes while an original movie plays in front of them.

High on Life Demon Wind

If you’re unsure of how to obtain Warp Crystals, you might’ve skimmed right by them during violent skirmishes. These items are actually located in enemy bases, represented by a purple design and guarded by technology. The bases must be cleared before you can retrieve the area’s crystal.

Keep in mind that Blorto sells other Warp Discs that you can purchase and place throughout the game. Just be sure to collect as many crystals as you can before heading back to Blim City to do some business.

Written by Andrew Smith