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High On Life Seeing All the Sights Achievement | How to Complete

High On Life Seeing All the Sights Achievement - How to Complete

Like in many first-person shooters with RPG elements, the achievements in High On Life can range from simple to ridiculous. And unfortunately, Blorto is asking us to do some ridiculous stuff. The Seeing All the Sights achievement asks that players explore each warp base in High On Life. This takes some time, but there are some consistent farming methods that you can do to take down this challenge. Let’s walk through some of those strategies so you can get the achievement.

How to Complete the Seeing All the Sights Achievement

How to Complete the Seeing All the Sights Achievement

In order to complete the Seeing All the Sights Achievement, you must first farm each warp base from Blorto’s Shop by collecting Warp Crystals. There are two farms for this: One is in Zephyr Paradise, Jungle Clearing, and the other is in Zephyr Paradise, Upper Valley, and both have good spawns for warp gates with middling enemy counts. Once you get 31 Warp Crystals, you can head to Upper Valley’s spawn point to plop down the warp zones you get from Blorto’s Shop in Blim City. Complete each Zone event and walk away with the achievement!

Farming the crystals you need to complete this achievement is the worst part of it. In the Jungle Clearing of Zephyr Paradise, you will find a warp base as you walk towards a green waterfall and another in the nearby river. However, some players have reported this not working. If it doesn’t work, there’s another Warp Base right next to the Upper Valley spawn. Complete this by walking to the cave on the right to find the locked warp crystal. Then, you can farm that crystal’s enemies for as long as you need.

You can activate each Warp Disc near the spawn point of Upper Valley, at the top of a large hill. To complete the achievement, do the following:

  • Movie Theater: Sit down for 2 minutes
  • Cutie Town: Destroy every building
  • Toilet Warp: Complete the pipe puzzle
  • Trolley Tracks: Select either side
  • Skate Park: Talk to the teen then earn a high score of at least 40,000
  • Quiet Cottage: Find all three Luglox chests

And that should be good, but you may need to ensure each of these count towards your progress. This is a buggy mission!

Written by Andrew Smith