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Hitman 3 Chongqing | How to Complete All Mission Stories

Hitman 3 Chongqing

Set in the rainy city of Chongqing, Agent 47 has two targets, Imogen Royce and Hush. Like our guide of Dartmoor, we will go through every story mission as an accessible way of killing these two people. Two of the three paths are not too bad to complete, with one being quite lengthy and tedious, so keep that in mind as we dive into this Hitman 3 mission.

Hitman 3 | How to Complete All Chongqing Story Missions

All Seeing Eyes

For the All Seeing Eyes mission at Chongqing, get to the laundromat, where you will need a code to bypass the keypad. By the ICA facility, you will come across a woman outside the door who will say the code, 0118. This is used for the ICA apartment door and is where you need to go for our first story mission in Hitman 3’s Chongqing. Go through the door to the point to obtain the quest, but be careful as it is a dangerous area. Thankfully, all you need to do here is listen to the guys in the room in front of you, which you can do safely by the stairs you went up.

Hitman 3 Chongqing

Sneak past the guys and go up some stairs to the roof where there is another guard, but ignore him to turn left and go up more stairs to scan the drone.

Find the sniper rifle by taking out the guard below to acquire the weapon. Now go shoot down the five drones to listen in on Royce. While you finish, guards will come to patrol your sniper nest, so hide for a moment. You will have more drones to shoot that are closer to your location.

Use your sniper to kill Royce. Your senses will help locate her as it is hard with the rain and darkness, but you will have a clear shot of her talking to Hush. Once you do this, gunfire will come your way, and guards will start to patrol the area.

Find the right moment and escape the building to head to kill your next target.

Hitman 3 All Seeing Eyes

Certainty Principle

Certainty Principle is the other Chongqing story mission that gives you the perfect opportunity to kill Royce. Compared to All Seeing Eyes, this one is much longer and more tedious, so this is for you patient assassins out there.

At the designated restaurant, listen to a man’s conversation who reveals he is expecting a tour of the facility but forgot a P41 form to get in, which you’ll need to find to get inside.

Go to his apartment and use the code 0118 to get inside for the pass, which you can find under his bed.

Hitman 3 Chongqing

Back at the restaurant, go into the bathroom. Overflow the sink to distract one of the waiters so you can get his disguise and dump his body. Grab the poison on your way out and head to the kitchen to prepare his meal. Once poisoned, ring the bell so it can be served to him. He will get sick and head to the bathroom, where you will follow him to “hold his hair.”

Now that you are disguised as the board member go through the kitchen to meet with your tour guide. Remember to find time to get rid of any illegal items as you will be frisked inside of the ICA facility.

There will be a point in the tour where the AI system is finalizing a procedure that will ID you. Go to the desk in the room by the door for the dongle, then go to the indicated laptop to hack it. Remember to black out the window in front of you by hacking it to avoid being spotted. Now you can continue the tour.

You will meet Royce at this point. Follow her along until you reach her office. She will explain a new system the ICA has in place. Go with it as she will leave the room. Once you report to the guard outside that you are ready for her, she will come back and you will be alone with her to kill her to complete the Certainty Principle.

Impulse Control

For the Impulse Control Chongqing mission, you’ll need to disguise yourself as a homeless person. You have three homeless people; one is a woman, so you can only take the clothes of one of the two men. Wait for one guy to walk away, leaving the other man and the woman. You can either poison his water bottle or as he turns away from his drink, you can subdue him without her knowing. Take his clothing and dump his body in the bin right next to you.

Look for the homeless shelter, which is around the building you are at. Just go around behind where you found your victim. Once you are there, follow the man you meet inside to a point where you will be asked to sit down and wait. Make sure you have no illegal items, as you will be frisked when entering.

You need to get upstairs somehow. A good outfit would be the researcher behind the curtains in this room by the sleeping guard and security camera. The camera and woman researcher is your only obstacle here as the sleeping guard won’t wake up if you are quiet. Once you get this more sophisticated disguise, head up to the next floor.

Hitman 3 Chongqing

The code to get into Hush’s lab is 2552. You can find the code written on the whiteboard in the other room on this floor or in the arcade.

In the private lab, go to the back into the bathroom, where you will find your patient. Knock out or kill him to take his gown. You can dump him in there, too, so nobody finds his body.

Before starting the experiment, the assistant will retrieve you from the bathroom. Open the door and talk to her. Try to get her inside the bathroom with you once she texts everyone that you are ready to start. Once lured, like taking covering around the corner and throwing a coin inside, she will leave herself open for you to take her out and dump her body.

Hitman 3 Impulse Control

The reason you need her out of the picture is that she will stop Hush from overloading the system to its full potential, which is what will kill him in his story mission. From this point, go through the motions and watch him push himself to his own death.

This will wrap up all of the Hitman 3 Chongqing missions. For more on the game, be sure to check out the links below!

Written by Andrew Smith