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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery | All Clue Locations

One of the new Hitman 3 missions allows us to play detective as we try and solve a murder. But do you know where to find the clues? As you start, you will have a list of suspects that you will have to question in addition to searching the house for incriminating evidence to solve the Dartmoor murder mystery. So if you are still confused about where to begin your search then continue reading.

All Murder Mystery Clue Locations in Dartmoor

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery | All Clue Locations

Before you begin searching for clues, you must obtain the Private Investigator’s clothes by killing him or knocking him out. You will also need to hide the body without anyone seeing it as your cover will be blown if caught. Once you’ve got the PI outfit to equip and you have introduced yourself, you can begin to start looking for the Dartmoor murder mystery clues.

Zachary’s Room

Your search will begin in the murder victim’s room. When you enter the room you will be told to use your camera on Zachary’s body. This will reveal that he was poisoned as well as when he died. You should then see a bottle on the side of the bed, use your camera on this and you will see that it has been tampered with.

The next clue can be found on a table next to the fireplace. This is a suicide letter written by Zachary, which gives you a sample of his handwriting. If you turn around from picking up this letter you should see a laptop at the end of the room. Interact with this to see that Zachary was shopping for clothes last night.

Go back to the suicide letter and walk left, you should see a bookcase. Walk next to this and you will see a book you can interact with. Once you have done, this you will see that there is a secret passage as well as a room overlooking Zachary’s bedroom. In here there is a mansion floor plan for you to pick up as well as another secret passage to the hallway.

Emma and Gregory Room

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery

When entering Emma and Gregory’s room, head right you’ll find a walking cane next to the fireplace that you need to pick up. If you continue to head this way, you should see a keychain on the floor next to a folding screen. The key can be used in the greenhouse. There is also another thing on the floor next to the window in this corner of the room. If you take out your camera, you should be able to scan a pair of high heels.

Next, if you head towards the bed on the right side you should see a cabinet. On this, you will see a letter from Emma’s mother saying that Emma is a child to Zachary and Alexa’s brother Montgomery. This letter also tells you that Montgomery was murdered by both Zachary and Alexa.

Rebecca’s Room

There are only two Dartmoor murder mystery clues in Rebecca’s room. In the middle of the room, there is a table with a laptop. If you interact with the computer, you will see that Rebecca was in a conference call the majority of the evening Zachary was killed. Once you have done this, head over to the fireplace in this room, and on a stool you should see some letters. Equip your camera and scan these.

The Greenhouse

In order to get into the greenhouse, you will need to find a crowbar. This can be found next to the greenhouse sitting on top of a stack of boxes. When you have it, head to the door and use it. Be careful though as you may need to lure the guard away from you in order to do this without raising suspicion. You can do this by throwing something like a coin.

When inside, head right and you should see broken lab equipment as well as flowers you can pick up. On the right of this desk is a book that you can scan with the camera. This book tells us that the flowers are poisonous and was used to kill Zachary. This also tells us that Madame Carlisle is next to be poisoned.

Mr. Fernsby’s Office

As soon as you enter the office, head to the fireplace and you should see a burnt diary which has a confession of Zachary trying to tell everyone he killed Montgomery. This dent matches his suicide letter. There is also a list on the desk which is found in front of the fireplace.

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Murder Mystery

The last of the Dartmoor murder mystery clues in this room can be found on the window sill opposite the fireplace. There are deadly pills there that don’t match the poison of how Zachary died.

Now that you have all the clues you can head to Alexa and tell her about your findings. Then you can get back to committing the murders instead of solving them. As you are here, why don’t you take a look at some of our other guides on Hitman 3?

Written by Andrew Smith