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Hitman 3 Dubai Chameleon | Where to Find All Disguises

Hitman 3 Dubai Chameleon - where to find all disguises

Hitman 3 is known for having unique disguises you can use to become a chameleon, hiding in plain sight in order to take out your targetBut do you know where all the disguises are in the Dubai tower? Each outfit can gain you access to certain areas where you probably won’t be able to go using your default suit. Keep reading to find out where each disguise in Dubai can be found.

Hitman 3 Dubai Chameleon | All Disguise Locations

Hitman 3 Dubai Chameleon - where to find all disguises

In order to complete the Dubai Chameleon challenge, you must wear all of the available disguises in this location. There are eleven different disguises total throughout the tower, from maintenance to security and basic staff outfits. Here’s a look at each one and where they can be found.


The first outfit you can get in order to get the Chameleon challenge is the Assassin. This can be found on the main floor: Look for the a blue light bulb icon on a man wearing a black suit waiting at the bottom of some stairs. Watch him by hiding behind one of the white walls on the left in the green bushy area.

Wait for him to stop talking and watch him walk towards you, then look on the wall to find something you can distract him with. Use it to bring attention to the area, then pacify anyone other than the Assassin that comes around.

You’ll probably attract a women here as well, so you might have to take her out in this area. Once that’s done, hit the distraction again so that the Assassin gets off the bench and comes over to investigate. You will have to be quick to take his disguise, as he may see any bodies not hidden behind the wall.


The security outfit this should get you into most low-end places on this map. You can obtain this by immediately heading to the Atrium. When you’re there, head towards the stairs and you should see a guard standing at the back on his own. When no one is looking, circle behind the guard and take him out. You will want to find somewhere to hide the body if you are trying to do this stealthy.

Waiter and Maintenance

You will need to get to the back area in order to get this disguise. This can be done by turning around from where you took out the security guard above. You should see on the wall there is a keypad, on this enter the code 4706. As you enter the room you should see both a Waiter and a Maintenance worker you can take out.

Kitchen Staff

When you are in the area at the back for staff, you should see signs leading you toward the kitchen. If you follow these signs you should be able to enter the kitchen, but I would recommend you do this in the Security outfit so you don’t get kicked out. There will most likely be more than one person in here, so you will have to either distract them away from you or take them all out in one go.

Art Staff

If you go up a level wearing the security outfit, somewhere on the floor you should see a sound stage area. In this area are three people wearing outfits saying “crew” on the back. Take out one (or all three) of these art staff members to claim the disguise.


The guard outfit should gain you access to almost every area on this map, and you may need it in order to get some of the other outfits. You will need to head upstairs (I would suggest wearing the Maintenance outfit) and look for someone wearing a red beret. You can do this by scaling the outside of the building. In the back area where all the staff is you should be able to use your camera to open a window.

When upstairs you can start looking for a guard. There should be one roaming in one of the corridors. When you find him, make sure that you are alone when you take him out, then hide him so your cover isn’t blown.

Penthouse Staff

You will need to head to level four in order to get this disguise. When you are there, head towards the storage area. There you’ll find a lonely staff member on his own that you can take out and hide. Make sure to shut the door when you enter so that no one sees you as they walk past.

Famous Chef

If you head upstairs after taking out the Penthouse Staff member you should see the Famous Chef. There may be another guard up there, which you will have to take out without the chef noticing. He should turn around at some point, so you will have to have patience. Once he is down, you should be able to take out the Chef without any trouble.

Ingram Guard

Wearing a guard disguise, search around this penthouse floor and look for your main target. Once you find him, follow him, as at some point he should sit at a desk. When he does, a unique guard will stand watching him — this is who you must take out in order to get the Ingram Guard disguise. I would suggest trying to get behind him and take him out that way. You could also take out your target here as well if you wanted to.


The last disguise you will need for the Dubai Chameleon challenge is the Pilot. You can get this outfit by heading behind the wall where you take out the Ingram Guard. Not far away you should see a helicopter landing zone. Head off the ladder and you’ll see the pilot inspecting the chopper. There are two guards nearby, but he’s far enough away for you to take out without anyone noticing.

That is all of the disguises on the Dubai mission in Hitman 3. Now you are a proper chameleon as well as having more outfits for you to practice your quick change in and out from. Before you jump back into the game, be sure to check out some of our other Hitman 3 guides:

Written by Andrew Smith