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Hitman 3 Florida Man | How to Complete Der Ami

Florida Man

Some of the challenges in Hitman 3 are flat-out absurd. From a perfectly placed banana to knowing everything about a map, IO Interactive can ask a lot out of you. Because of that, the Der Ami challenge might look pleasingly simple. All you need to do is disguise as someone called Florida Man. Easy, right? Surely there’s nothing overly difficult about just disguising as somebody? Well, you’re not wrong, but completing the Der Ami challenge requires tracking down this elusive character.

Hitman 3 Der Ami | Berlin Florida Man Location

Florida Man

Florida Man is wearing zebra-striped pants, a tank-top with “NEU KLN” on it, and a hat with a long ponytail on the end of it. If that wasn’t quite enough, he seems to be wearing sunglasses indoors and walks somewhat strangely from place to place. If you’re having trouble finding him, head to Level -02 in the basement bar. He will be easy to find in Instinct mode, as his silhouette is fairly distinct.

Florida Man is a bit of a traveler, but the basement bar is a safe bet for most of the mission. Seems that this guy likes his brewskis, or whatever he’d call them! Worst comes to worst, you should be able to find him down there eventually.

To complete the Der Ami challenge, all you need to do is put on the Florida Man disguise. This does not mean you have to disguise successfully, or even complete the mission afterwards. You can walk up, knock him out in front of everyone, and throw on his clothes. Obviously, this will get you shot at, but you’ll get the achievement, which is nice.

There’s no immediate benefit to wearing this guy’s outfit. However, the Florida Man disguise is required to complete the Coconut Ball Surprise feat. Otherwise, Berlin has a lot of potential outfits to use on its missions, and nobody has a particular need to see Florida Man in their life. Besides, Agent 47 walks a bit too stiffly to really pull off the look perfectly. No amount of assassin training can replicate that level of… cool.

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Written by Andrew Smith