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Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business | How to Complete

Hitman 3 - how to complete flying monkey business

Have you had your daily fill of potassium? We hope not, because Hitman 3 is coming in with Flying Monkey Business! This mission requires you to do some fancy footwork with a banana in Dubai, and is honestly challenging to figure out. However, whether you’re achievement hunting or just looking for a hilarious kill, this is a really cool challenge to take on. It’s also the only way to get the Keep Your Eyes Peeled achievement. Hopefully, our guide will let you slip in the right direction!

How to Complete Flying Monkey Business in Hitman 3

flying monkey business

In order to complete the Flying Monkey Business challenge, you must take two primary steps. First, you must cause an evacuation in the building. Then, you must have placed the banana in a specific location within the evacuation zone to cause the target to slip and fall. If the banana was placed correctly, then your banana is going to cause a lot more dismay than expected.

Start the mission as you normally would for Dubai, specifically targeting a white guard uniform. Walk up the wide staircase to the balcony, heading left into the security room. This room has the banana and an evacuation keycard from the safe on the left (code 6927).

Head up the blue stairs and take out the two guards who try and stop you. Get your new disguise, and head up the stairs on the left, straight forwards, then up a final flight. You’re at the penthouse, so use the keycard on the two card readers; one on the lower level (parachutes), the second is on the wall just up the stairs. If it helps, you can use Instinct vision to see the wires connecting the two panels.

Finally, take out the window cleaner (hiding the body if you can) on the left side of the penthouse and put the banana to the right of the parachutes. Specifically, you’re putting the banana right on the concrete, where the grass curves. If you’ve put it in the right place, your mission will complete with the Keep Your Eyes Peeled trophy.

Well done, that’s not an easy challenge! If you want some more Hitman 3 content, we’ve got you covered!

Written by Andrew Smith