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Hitman 3 Secondary Fermentation | How to Complete

Hitman3 - How to complete Secondary Fermentation

Hitman 3 has a ridiculous catalogue of challenges for you to tackle. If you’re working through Mendoza, there are some challenges that can be a bit rough. For example, the Secondary Fermentation Challenge can be pretty particular with its goals. Because of this, you will have to experiment a lot to figure it out yourself. That can be tedious, though! This guide will show you what you need to do so you can get it done quickly.

How to Complete Secondary Fermentation in Hitman 3 Mendoza

Hitman 3 - How to complete Secondary Fermentation

In order to complete Secondary Fermentation, you need to start the Tour Mission, hand it off to Corvo Black, then poison your targets. To get that done, you’ll need to quickly locate grapes, get a security disguise at the right time, and know where the ventilation is. Timing all of this can be tricky, but you should be able to get it after a few tries.

First thing’s first: You must follow the Tour story mission. Make sure you have a security costume nearby and ready to go for later in the mission, but follow the story mission content up until you speak with Corvo Black. Give him some grapes, then abandon the tour, allowing Black to go on it with your targets.

Reequip your Security Disguise and head back to the barrel warehouse. Quickly take out two witnesses and collect the rat poison in the room. There’s a ventilation system within the room (the large machine… in the same room that they store rat poison, apparently). You can put the poison in now without problems. Make sure you turn the ventilation system on.

Head upstairs, and wait for the tour to enter the warehouse. Hit the button to ventilate the barrel room once your two targets are within the room. This will complete the Secondary Fermentation challenge. Now, you should be able to find them in the bathroom like sitting ducks. Quickly end their suffering and escape nice and easy.

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Written by Andrew Smith