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Hitman 3 | Who Killed Zachary Carlisle?

who killed zachary Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is finally here and fans of the series couldn’t be happier! The game has released to a ton of rave reviews due to its stellar gameplay and exciting missions. The one mission in the game that the fanbase has deemed to be the best is known as “Death in the Family”. This mission is beloved for its creativity and humor, and it focuses around a murder mystery story where Agent 47 takes on the role of a detective. There are plenty of ways to complete this mission, but the best part is finding out who killed Zachary Carlisle.

Who Killed Zachary Carlisle in Means, Motive, and Opportunity?

who killed zachary

The Hitman 3 Death in the Family mission in the style of a classic “Whodunnit?” story where everyone is a possible suspect in Zachary Carlisle’s murder. Zachary Carlisle’s killer is Emma, who did it in an attempt to take the Carlisle family fortune for herself and her mother. It’s possible for Emma to kill Alexa, during the course of this mission if you don’t catch her fast enough.

The mission takes place in an old-school style victorian manor with all the character stereotypes that you’d expect. It is so detailed that the developers had to base this mission on the old board game Clue.

Agent 47’s job is to find out who killed Zachary Carlisle, but first he’s got to look the part. 47 will first need to subdue the actual investigator and steal his clothes before going to Carlisle’s estate. Once that’s done and you’ve entered the estate you can start looking for clues like a true detective.

You can find a lot of clues and even the dead body of Carlisle in his bedroom. You’ll need to find all the clues in the room before you can leave. If you need help, be sure to check out our murder mystery guide.

After you find all the clues you’ll need to ask the suspects a few questions to figure out who killed Zachary Carlisle. They are located in various rooms throughout the estate. Some of these suspects have rock solid alibis and that helps narrow down the suspects.

There are also a large number of secret clues that you can locate to further help narrow down the list of suspects. After your interrogation, you have three suspects left, Emma, Mr.Frensby, and even Zacarhy himself, saying it was a suicide.

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Written by Andrew Smith