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Hogwarts Legacy A Thief in the Night | How to Complete

Hogwarts Legacy A Thief in the Night - How to Complete

The grumpy Pádraic Haggarty in Hogwarts Legacy is blaming his sister Catrin for an apparent crime. At his vendor in Irondale, Pádraic Haggarty complains openly about Catrin stealing the family heirloom. It’s when we approach the old feller that we discover the quest, A Thief in the Night. We can help this agitated merchant, even if he doesn’t believe in us. The quest will take you through a small section of the Feldcroft Region, but you must embark under certain conditions.

How to Complete A Thief in the Night in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Complete A Thief in the Night in Hogwarts Legacy

You need to follow a trail of coins that starts from Haggarty’s shop site at night to find the thief’s spot. Follow along the trail while using Revelio, which will lead you through an enemy campsite and some woods, southeast of the scene of the crime. Each individual scoop from the coins is merely 1 Galleon, so it’s up to you if you wish to collect them. The trail eventually leads to a unique Niffler beast den, inhabited by the special “Irondale Pilferer”. So, no, it wasn’t the sister after all!

Upon spotting the thief, use your Nab-sack to capture it. Additionally, you’ll want to also find the stolen family heirloom. It’s sitting at the top of the cliff that’s covering the Niffler den near the center.

Do note that if you’re having trouble capturing the Irondale Pilferer, use Arresto Momentum to slow it down. This particular Niffler only requires three capture cycles to complete, making them relatively easier to rescue than some of the other beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once you retrieve the heirloom and thief, return to Haggarty to report your evidence. He’ll explain his reasoning for blaming his sister Catrin, even after the surprise of the thief’s identity. Exhaust his dialogue to complete the quest, and you’ll receive a sweet Niffler Mask in your gear and 180 XP.

Hogwarts Legacy Coin Trail

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Written by Andrew Smith