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Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle 21 17 | How to Solve

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Many eager Wizards and Witches are gearing up for a new life of spell casting and mystery in Hogwarts Legacy. And, indeed, there is a great deal of mystery. After all, Hogwarts wouldn’t truly feel like a school of Wizardry and Witchcraft if there weren’t a few secrets hidden within its walls. One that is befuddling many players soon after they get their robes is the 21 17 Door Puzzle. This is in fact a secret door that you can open in Hogwarts. So, if you’re curious to solve it and reveal what’s lurking behind its walls, keep reading.

How to Solve the 21 17 Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve the 21 17 Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

To solve the 21 17 Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to look at the animal symbols depicted around the door and figure out the associated number for each one. The Owl in the bottom left is zero, and you add one for each animal going clockwise to the ninth one in the bottom right, which is a nine-headed snake. Each of these animals also hints at the number associated with it. For example, the Unicorn is one because it has one horn. The Hydra is three because it has three heads.

Now that you understand the basics of the door puzzle, your goal is to figure out which animal belongs in the circles with question marks and use its corresponding number to achieve the total sum for the main numbers in the two triangles triangle. It’s just a simple math problem. But keep in mind that the number in the triangles is different for each player, so everyone will need to grab a pen and pencil, or in this case, open up their notes pad, and crunch some numbers. However, for the time being, let’s use 21 and 17 as an example.

Starting with 21 at the top, we can see that the number in the bottom left of the triangle is 11. The animal at the top of it is a two-horned animal, which we also know is two counting zero from the Owl up. So to solve for 21, you would do 11+2=13. Then, 13-21=8. Eight is the Spider, so we know when we go to interact with the door we need to roll until we land on the Spider.

17, on the other hand, shows a five-legged animal, which is also the fifth in order from the Owl up. The other animal is the nine-headed snake, which we know to be the number nine. So, we would do 5+9=14. Then, 14-17=3. The answer for the bottom triangle is 3, which is the three-headed Hydra.

Essentially this is the equation for the door puzzle: (X) + (Y) = (Z). Then, (Z) minus (the main number in the middle of the triangle), equals the number and its corresponding animal you need to fill in when you interact with the door. Unlocking the door rewards some high-tier loot, specific to each player. So, it’s definitely worth solving the door puzzle to get its reward.

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Written by Andrew Smith