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Hogwarts Legacy Floo Powder | How to Use

Hogwarts Legacy Floo Powder - How to Use

The bright mind behind the Floo Powder phenomenon in Hogwarts Legacy is no other than inventor Ignatia Wildsmith. With her wicked craftsmanship, she was able to administer the substance into a fast-traveling tool for Witches and Wizards alike. This ultimately creates the Floo Network in the game, allowing the player character to transport instantly from one spot to the next. But if this is your first year at Hogwarts and you’re a bit lost on how to utilize Floo Powder, keep reading onward to find the answers that you seek.

How to Use Floo Powder in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Use Floo Powder in Hogwarts Legacy

To use Floo Powder, you need to approach an Ignatia Wildsmith inactive statue and flip it on. Her greyed-out icon and appearance will shift into a green hue, indicating the lit Floo Flame. From there, you can scroll through the map of Hogwarts castle and the other areas to see where you can fast-travel to.

Keep in mind that Floo Flame and Floo Powder are essentially the same in the world of Harry Potter. Floo Flames is widely regarded as such by Deputy Headmistress Weasley and Ignatia Wildsmith herself, though it’s through living statues since the latter passed away centuries before the events of Hogwarts Legacy.

We highly recommend jumping on your broom and flying around the various areas of the game to light as many Floo Flame statues as you can. Since the broom is mainly for traveling, you can use it to freely stop by the statues. You don’t have to interact with these Wildsmith statues to activate them; a simple stop-and-go will suffice.

Hogwarts is itself a very intricate structure, one that magically spins and turns in complex ways. Losing yourself in the mystical atmosphere of Hogwarts Legacy can easily happen to any wandering student in the castle. And with the complicated approach to the map in the game, it’s vital to use Floo Powder whenever possible.

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Written by Andrew Smith