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Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance | Where to Find

Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance - Where to Find

Every Witch and Wizard knows too well that Hogwarts Legacy is built on top of mystical secrets. Some provide further lore into the magical Wizarding World; others offer sinister qualities not everyone can muster. Luckily, one of the secrets we’ve uncovered during our fifth year is the location of the Key of Admittance. Knowledgable students are aware of the Book of Admittance, an enchanted parchment that records the name and birth of every magical child, inked with the Quill of Admittance. For this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Key of Admittance and its usage for the corresponding door.

Where to Find the Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find the Key of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy

Students at Hogwarts are able to collect the Key of Admittance as soon as they unlock level 3 for Alohomora. While the Key is within the castle, players can access it by flying upward to the Headmaster’s Upper Study. It is high above the Trophy Room Floo Flame of the Grand Staircase section.

Fly toward the targeted area, then land right outside the room to disenchant the level 3 lock. You might have to work your way up along its supportive staircase for a proper landing. Once you do, enter the room to spot the Key of Admittance sitting on the desk littered with letters.

In addition to the Key in question, a letter from the Ministry of Magic to Professor Sharp can be collected near the entrance. The achievement/trophy “Room with a View” will be rewarded to you for reaching the highest point in the castle.

Now, with your newly-acquired Key of Admittance, make your way to the entrance to the quadruple-locked door across the hall from the bottom of the Headmaster’s quarters/office. Insert the unique Key to unlock the distinctive door. This will provide privileged access to the room containing the Book of Admittance. Due to your explorative efforts, your Field Guide will discover one of the secrets of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy Key of Admittance Door Unlock

From there, open the chest at the bottom of the spiral staircase, then ascend upward on the said staircase. The room at the top will contain the Book of Admittance as well as its Quill. A Field Guide page can also be collected with Revelio directly in front of the book.

Alternatively, you can progress through the game until you complete Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial. But if you’re looking to grab the Key a bit earlier, stick with the original route of summoning your broom to fly upward to Hogwarts’s highest tower.

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Written by Andrew Smith