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Hogwarts Legacy Lockpicking | How to Unlock

Hogwarts Legacy Lockpicking - How to Unlock

Hogwarts Legacy is the most modern rendition of the Wizarding World that you can play right now. Because of that, Hogwarts is a fully realized maze of a place, and the surrounding environment is just as mysterious. This mystery is hard to solve when every door, chest, and hallway has a lock on it. But, there is an answer! If you want to get lockpicking abilities in Hogwarts Legacy, you will just need to find the right person to teach you. Let’s walk through the process.

How to Unlock Lockpicking in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock Lockpicking in Hogwarts Legacy

Lockpicking in Hogwarts Legacy is done with the spell Alohomora. This spell is learned through a questline given to you by the faculty Gladwin Moon. Gladwin will give you the ability to cast Alohomora in return for Demiguise statues. This is a story mission, so you will need to progress into the Fall season if you want to get it.

It is impossible to unlock lockpicking until your Autumn classes begin. This isn’t too far into the story, and it means that you cannot miss unlocking the ability. You just need to progress until you begin to take classes with Gladwin Moon.

Gladwin’s terror of Demiguise statues does not stop with your tutorial class, though. He requires you to find more statues, but will upgrade your Alohomora spell in return.

Alohomora is the basic unlocking spell in Hogwarts Legacy. You will use it to break into the faculty tower to get your first few moons. This lockpicking minigame is a color-matching one, where you must match green and red lights to rotating gears. This is fairly simple guess-and-check, and you will have plenty of practice in this game. Alohomora is far from an unused spell!

Demiguise moons only appear at night, so make sure to “Wait” until it is night time so you can hunt them down!

Doors in Hogwarts Legacy have different levels. You will need a certain number of Moons to open the more secure doors. Thankfully, this won’t take long, as long as you’re hunting demiguise moons regularly.

Written by Andrew Smith