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Hogwarts Legacy | Map with Floating Candles Solution

Hogwarts Legacy - Map with Floating Candles Solution

Treasure hunting is just one of the many adventurous activities that you can do in Hogwarts Legacy. Indeed, not everything is necessarily magical, though with a few elements in the mix for flavor. After Hufflepuff student Arthur Plummly introduces the mechanic to the player character, we’re then free to locate any mystical treasure in and around Hogwarts. One of the maps that we can recover for potential treasure features floating candles, a bridge, a forest, and an illuminating wand. Where do these clues lead to? Wands at the ready, students. We’ll lead the way.

How to Solve Map with Floating Candles in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve Map with Floating Candles in Hogwarts Legacy

The treasure map with the floating candles will bring the player to the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. It’s just northwest of Hogwarts castle; a Floo Flame is available for fast travel. Once you enter the area, go to the bridge and use Lumos on the love letter at night. Keep in mind that by reading the letter, it will disappear. However, this is the spot to activate the floating candles with Lumos.

From there, the candles will float toward an enchanted dinner scene within the Forbidden Forest. Follow them, and they’ll soon reunite with other candles floating around a romantic dinner outdoors.

As soon as you complete the journey with the floating candles, a chest will magically appear to the right of the dinner scene. Loot this chest, and you’ll acquire the Treasure-Seeker’s scarf, 400 Galleons, and 180 XP. Good hunting, student.

This particular treasure hunt is connected to the Ghost Of Our Love story after initially meeting with Richard Jackdaw. The map is atop the Owlery after you solve Richard’s owl puzzle.

Of course, the Ghost Of Love Story is merely an optional side quest. This can be completed at any time after you travel beyond Hogwarts castle. You can always check your quest log and any Owl letters if you’re looking to embark on a new adventure.

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Written by Andrew Smith