Hogwarts Legacy – Map With Floating Candles Treasure Location Guide

As a part of the Ghost of our Love side quest, you will receive a treasure map showing various things such as a forest, a bridge and some floating candles. This quest becomes available as soon as you complete the “The hunt for the missing pages” main quest. In order to find the treasure, you will need to solve the floating candles puzzle on the map and this guide will help you complete the quest.

Map With Floating Candles Treasure Location Guide

After completing the “Hunt for the Missing Pages” main quest, you will be able to find the Map of Floating Candles in the Hogsmeade Graveyard. First, you need to change the time in the game by opening the map from the menu and holding the R3 button on your controller. These candles will only appear at night so you will need to change the time of your day otherwise you won’t be able to find the treasure.

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Next, you need to fast travel to the entrance of the Forbidden Forest shown above. This can be found by following the road heading towards Hogsmeade from Hogwarts. Equip the Lumos ability to reveal three floating candles and then follow these candles as they lead you through the ruined archway and into the Forbidden Forest. You need to take the first path after the bridge to find the archway.

Navigate across the bridge and follow the candles as they take you deeper into the forest along the path. The speed of the candles can be unpredictable so don’t worry if they suddenly decide to zoom past you. However, you can easily chase them since they will remain in your sights.

Towards the end of the treasure trail, the candles will take you up a small mountain where you will come across a table with two chairs next to it signifying a romantic date between two lovers. A treasure chest will also appear on the right side of the table and you will be able to loot it to complete the quest. As a reward for completing this side quest, you will receive the Treasure-seeker’s Scarf which can be a nice addition to your wardrobe.

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