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Hogwarts Legacy Petrificus Totalus | How to Cast

Hogwarts Legacy Petrificus Totalus - How to Cast

Those who are familiar with Petrificus Totalus, also known as the full body-bind curse, will find it to be quite helpful in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s one of the earliest spells students will learn during their time at Hogwarts. With it, magic-wielders are able to ultimately freeze their enemies if they wish to avoid any confrontation while exploring outside the castle’s walls. While it is technically readily available, you can only cast Petrificus Totalus under certain conditions. Here’s how to properly generate the full body-bind curse during your fifth year at Hogwarts.

How to Cast Petrificus Totalus in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Cast Petrificus Totalus in Hogwarts Legacy

Players can easily utilize Petrificus Totalus by sneaking up behind an unsuspecting enemy, human or animal. While casting Disillusionment, approach your target from their 6 until the appropriate prompt appears for Petrificus Totalus. It will be the Interact button: PC players use F, Xbox folks will press X, and PlayStation students will rely on Square – all unless you reconfigure your settings. Cast the spell, and your target will straighten out like a stiff stalk, thus collapsing to the ground.

Petrificus Totalus is incredibly dependable when it comes to encountering rooms filled with enemies. Since the foes in Hogwarts Legacy are usually spread out at their posts, engaging in stealth can be a wise move into taking out the antagonistic individuals one at a time. You only have to be aware of their potential sightings of you. A question mark in grey will pop up once they catch a glimpse of you, so be sure to be on the move if you’re avoiding magical trouble.

Ideally, you can cast this spell onto an entire room of Dark Wizards as you make your way through a particular area. If you stay a moment and study their movements and paths, then you can quickly clear out a room without casting other enchantments. Keep in mind that loot will jump from successful Petrficus Totalus castings; you might want to quickly snatch them up before moving on to your next target.

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Written by Andrew Smith