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Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix Location | Where to Find

Hogwarts Legacy Phoenix Location - Where to Find

Hogwarts Legacy has a content coming out of every corner of the wizarding world! One of the things that you’ll be tasked with his collecting animals. However, a collection of mythical beasts cannot be complete without a certain fire-based bird. The Phoenix is a part of Hogwarts Legacy, and is great to look at and great to farm. If you want Phoenix Feathers, then you might as well get them all from the source. So, let’s find this legendary bird together!

Where to Find a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to get the Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy, you must complete most of Deek’s side quests and attend your first beast class. You will also need to progress to at least “The Helm of Urtkot” in the main storyline.

To get started, head to the Room of Requirement and talk with Deek one last time and take the quest, which will require a bit of flying. Thankfully, the Phoenix quest is a simple follow-the-quest markers style of task, with the bird being a guaranteed reward at the end of the cave.

Unlike every other beast in the game, this birdie is quest-locked. You cannot find a wild Phoenix. One does not spawn until you reach that step in the Phoenix Rising questline. That means you will have to complete all of Deek’s quests if you’re interested in getting the flaming bird.

The phoenix is the only one that you’ll get, sadly. There are no opportunities to get a second one. That means you can’t ever breed the creature, and you’ll only be able to gather the one set of feathers from it.

And you had better keep this bird safe! Phoenix Feathers are some of the rarest and most important crafting materials in Hogwarts Legacy. It is needed for tier 3 perks, and you can’t really find them elsewhere. The only other places to look are random merchants, who may let you buy some. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this stuff for for free.

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Written by Andrew Smith