Hogwarts Legacy: Ravenclaw House Location

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with a ton of missions for you to complete. Roam around Hogwarts and meet up with other witches and wizards. Knowing more people will definitely help you make your character much stronger by obtaining some rewards and learning cool new tricks.

This guide will show you where the Ravenclaw house is located in Hogwarts Legacy.

Ravenclaw House Location

If you have been chosen to be part of the Ravenclaw house, you will eventually get a mission called The Daedalian Keys.

This mission will require you to insert the house token into your house chest. By doing so, you will eventually locate your house, in this situation, Ravenclaw.

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Ravenclaw is located at the Central part of Hogwarts at the grand staircase area. From there, you simply need to make your way up to the top and you will enter the Ravenclaw house.

We hope this guide has helped you locate the Ravenclaw house in Hogwarts Legacy. Stay in touch for more upcoming Hogwarts Legacy guides!

Written by Borut Udovic

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