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Hogwarts Legacy Wand | How to Customize

Hogwarts Legacy Wand - How to Customize

A Witch or a Wizard relies on many factors in the world of magic, and nothing is more present than their wands in Hogwarts Legacy. A vast majority of spell-wielders utilize these batons to channel their magic, whether it’s for good or ill. And of course, the wand indeed chooses the Witch or Wizard, as if the stars had aligned. Once you acquire your unique wand from Ollivander’s, you’ll actually be able to customize its look! Curious about how it’s done? We’ll show you!

How to Customize Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Customize Your Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Players will need to collect Wand Handles in Hogwarts Legacy if they wish to change up their batons’ appearance. This is done through the Gear menu where your outfit, broom, and mounts are configured. Once you acquire the item from Ollivander’s early on in the game, no other magical rod can take its place. It is yours, and yours alone. Only the aforementioned Handles can offer cosmetic changes, at least until an update introduces a new feature for players to check out.

How Many Wand Handles?

As of this writing during the initial next-gen release run for Hogwarts Legacy, there are 42 distinctive Wand Handles. All of them can be obtained through quest completions, successful discoveries within Hogwarts and beyond, and vendors throughout the map. You can even check certain quests for their rewards to see if they can potentially offer you a new look for the mystical stick.

Collecting all 42 Handles requires extensive gameplay and outstanding achievements. Once you’ve assembled all unique styles, the choice is greatly yours on how to layout its display. Keep in mind that the Wand Handles are the only cosmetics that can be attached to the stick in question. Unless some DLC arrives in the future, 42 is the maximum count to consider.

When it comes to gameplay, displaying your wand for certain showcases might be problematic. The customized looks adhere to the lower portion of the rod, where the player’s hand takes its place for wielding. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of it while it’s in use, but the wooden aspect of the wand and its glow will almost always appear. Admiring your selected Handle might only happen through glances, which includes cutscene appearances. In other words, you might not be able to see your Handle at all times.

For now, we can only hope for a Photo Mode to come into the picture as more players register for classes in Hogwarts Legacy. Furthermore, we’ve conjured a few more guides for you to check out as you take up your broom throughout the Wizarding World:

Written by Andrew Smith