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Hogwarts Legacy: When The Review Embargo Will Be Lifted

As of now, Hogwarts Legacy is not yet fully released and there is no official Review Embargo added for the game. Many games usually get a Review Embargo months before the release. Well, the story is not the same for Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s time to see when exactly the Review Embargo will be added for Hogwarts Legacy.

When The Review Embargo Will Be Lifted

So we all know that the release date is February 10th 2023. Review Embargos for most games are lifted around one to two weeks before the official release date.

Since nothing has been officially added to the game about a Review Embargo, many speculate that it will be lifted on February 7th 2023 which is only 3 day away from the final release. WB Studios do like to keep their secrets.

And there you have it gamers. That is our speculation for the review embargo and when it will be lifted in Hogwarts Legacy.

Written by Borut Udovic

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