Hogwarts Legacy – Where Is Falbarton Castle

The Falbarton Castle is one of the infamous locations that you will come across when exploring the Hogsmeade Valley. However, getting inside the main gate is a challenge in itself since there is no clear way for you to enter through the gate.

This guide will tell you how to access Falbarton Castle in the game.

Where Is Falbarton Castle

The Falbarton Castle can be found on the east side of the Hogsmeade Valley at the above location. You will also find the first Infamous Joe near the castle towards the northern side of the region.

In order to enter the main gate of the castle, you will need to head towards the right and jump over the wooden platform to climb up the stone.

Next, you need to cast the Depulso spell to flip the switch and then use the wooden box inside to climb up.

If you are still seeing a chest instead of a box in front of it then you need to progress further in the story to gain access to the castle.

Do note that you need to have “The High Keep” story quest unlocked to access the main gate of the castle. It will be available right around the time when the Astronomy Class gets unlocked.

If both of the criteria are met then you will see the wooden crate required to get inside the castle.

Just levitate the chest and jump onto it to get to the platform above. Eventually, you will gain access to the main gate allowing you to freely explore the area and collect all the treasures there.

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