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Hollow Knight Charm Notches | How to Get More

Hollow Knight Charm Notches

Charms are one of the coolest mechanics in Hollow Knight. With the correct build, you can basically play the game however you like! From safe options like Longnail to riskier choices like the Fragile Charms, charms can really change up your game plan. However, your build is limited by Charm Notches, a mechanic that can keep you from achieving true greatness. That being said, like you may expect, you will eventually be able to get more! This guide will tell you a few ways how to get additional Charm Notches.

Spoiler Alert: This guide contains minor spoilers for Hollow Knight. Read at your own discretion.

How to Get More Charm Notches in Hollow Knight

How to Get More Charm Notches in Hollow Knight

Charm Notches can be purchased from the slug Salubra, who owns a store at the far bottom right of the Forgotten Crossroads. They can also find more notches as rewards for challenging fights or in secret rooms. There is one in Fog Canyon, the Fungal Wastes, the Colosseum of Fools, and for fighting the Grimm Troupe.

Salubra sells four Charm Notches as a reward for collecting Charms. Her thresholds are five, ten, 18, and 25 total Charms. She also sells five charms herself, including the excellent Longnail.

You will also get Charm Notches for completing various activities across Hollow Knight. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Isma’s Tear or Monarch Wings in Northeastern Fog Canyon
  • Defeat 2 Fungal Shrooms in central Fungal Wastes
  • Beat the Trial of the Warrior in the Colosseum of Fools
  • Defeat Grimm, the final boss of the Grimm Troupe

If you cannot wait to equip more charms, there is something you can do. By clicking the charm five times, you can forcefully equip it and become Overcharmed. In this state, you take double damage from all sources, but can have the benefit of an additional charm. This is good for speedruns, but should be handled carefully if you’re new. Hollow Knight won’t pull punches just because you’re giving it a good shot!

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Written by Andrew Smith