Horizon Forbidden West: Climb the Base of the Spire Guide

Players can take part in various adventures in Sony’s latest release, Horizon Forbidden West. The Point of the Lance is the 2nd main story quest in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete all the objectives during this quest.

Climb the Base of the Spire Quest – Horizon Forbidden West

The quest begins in Meridian after Aloy fails to find a backup of GAIA in the Far Zenith facility. Aloy and Varl then decide to travel to Meridian in search of a new lead.

Examine the orb that contained HADES

Climb up to the base of the spire

First, you need to approach the orb lying nearby to examine it. During the cutscene, you will notice that a red spark has traveled all the way to the top of the spire. Scan your surroundings and a rope will be highlighted on the right side of the orb.

Climb the rope and then press the O button to jump backward onto the ledge. Once you reach then climb on the yellow object, jump backward and jump towards the right to reach the platform.

Then continue along the path and use the pullcaster to pull the wooden beam towards you.

Climb up the spire

Climb the beam and when you reach the end, use your pullcaster to open the electrical panel on the spire.

Jump towards the spire and climb onto it. Continue climbing by jumping on the distant objects on the left. A long cutscene will play once you enter the spire.

Return to Marad and Varl

Now go back and talk to Marad Varl about your findings.

Modify your weapons -Talk to your friends (Optional)

It is now time to modify your newest weapon, Champion Spear. Follow the markers and then approach the workbench to modify your weapon. ‘You can also complete the optional objective by talking to the NPCs present there

Return to Marad and Varl

Head back over to Marad and Varl near Aloy’s statue. Once you are ready, select the “Time to Go” option. Doing this will complete the quest and you will receive 1500 XP as a reward.

Written by Borut Udovic

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