Horizon Forbidden West: Deep Trouble (Quest)

The Heap of Trouble is one of the many side quests available in Horizon Forbidden West. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete this quest.

In this quest, you need to reach a collapsed mine and try to rescue some miners who are stuck in there after an explosion resulting in flooding of the tunnels. The mine can turn into a bit of a maze once you reach there so just follow this guide to complete this quest.

Deep Trouble Horizon – Horizon Forbidden West

The quest begins in Crimson Narrow after you talk to an injured Oseram miner who is worried about the rest of his crew. After talking to him, you just need to follow the marker on the map and reach the mine.

Find the Missing Miners

Once you reach there, talk to Korvend at the entrance of the mine who will point you to rescue 2 other miners inside the mine.

You need to follow the path after you enter the mine which will also require you to dive underwater and only to emerge in a room filled with water having 3 barrels.

Now dive into the water again and swim through the small tunnel to reach the surface at the other side of the room.

Here you will find 2 miners sitting there on some boxes, talk to them and they will tell you that the tunnel ahead is blocked and you need to clear the blockage to drain all the water.

Drain the Mine

In order to remove the blockage obstructing the drainage shaft, dive into the water on the left side of the miners. You will face a strong current of water pushing in the opposite direction and slowing your swimming speed. Press L3 to increase the speed and reach the yellow ladder.

Climb onto the platform and swim your across to reach the platform on the other side. Use the yellow ladder to climb up, you can scan to locate the climbing markers.

Now follow the path across the wooden beams to reach another room. You will notice some enemies there, you can either choose to dive underwater to avoid them or climb the surface to defeat them.

Follow the rail tracks to reach the location of the explosives. You will be required to climb and crawl your way across a linear path leading to the room with the minecart.

Drop down the ladder so you will be climb back up in case you fall. Now use your pullcaster to swing the wooden crane towards you and jump on it to reach on the other side.

Follow the tracks to reach the minecart and then detonate the explosives inside it.

Return to the Miners

Once you detonate the explosives, you will be surrounded by some enemies. Defeat them and use the pullcaster again to move the crates blocking your path.

Follow the path and climb onto the platform to talk to the two miners.

Return to Korvend

Follow the same path used to enter the mine in order to reach the exit. Talk to Korvend and the quest will be completed. You will receive 1250 XP, 2 skills points, and 1 Oseram Artificier as rewards.

That’s it, you now successfully completed the Deep Trouble quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Written by Borut Udovic

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