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Horizon Forbidden West Flying Mount | How to Get Sunwing

Horizon Forbidden West Flying Mounts How to Get Sunwing

There is a lot of walking in Horizon Forbidden West. Although you have access to some mounts quite soon in the game, like the Charger and the Bristleback, they can’t take you everywhere. Since the west has a lot of mountains, you need to fly to make things easier. To do so, you must first unlock the Sunwing mount. Even though you can’t find it in your early hours of Forbidden West, there are a lot of areas to explore riding it. Learn how to get the flying mount and dominate the skies of the west.

How to Get the Flying Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Get the Sunwing Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

You can get the flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West through the main questline by completing Gemini Cauldron. In this mission, you will need to find the materials needed to override a Sunwing. Once you craft its override, you can get a mount like these in other places.

Sunwing is probably the best mount in Horizon Forbidden West, because it allows you to fly. But it will take some time before you can get the flying mount. More precisely, you need to complete the Gemini Cauldron. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. You won’t miss it, because it is part of the main questline.

Once you reach this part of the game, you also have the possibility to craft its override. In Forbidden West, you can unlock some machines to be overridden by gathering some items. To do so, you can use the Fabrication Terminal in Aloy’s base.

In case you are wondering how far you are from getting the Sunwing flying mount, the level suggested for the Gemini Cauldron is 30. And to ride a Sunwing after you crafted its override, all you need to do is get behind one and use the override command. As with other mounts, you can find groups of these machines in different regions of the game.

All the walking in the initial moments in your journey through the west is fun. However, after a while of climbing mountains to get to the other side or to the top of them, you get tired. Although you have some mounts at the beginning of the game, they won’t get you over a mountain. This will change once you get the Sunwing mount. In other words, no more climbing to reach a region.

Written by Andrew Smith