Horizon Forbidden West: Go to the Repair Bay Core Walkthrough

Horizon Forbidden West’s diverse open world has tons of quests for players to complete. One of them is the Dying Lands story quest in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete all the objectives of the quest.

Go to the Repair Bay Core – Horizon Forbidden West

The Dying Lands is the 6th main story quest available in Horizon Forbidden West. It takes place after you complete the Death’s Door quest. It begins in the Stone’s Echo area of the game.

Aloy gets healed and is ready to continue her search for MINVERA in Plainsong. While going there you will encounter a Tallneck on your way so make sure to override to reveal more locations on your map.

After you reach the camp, you will notice Varl and Zo waiting for you near the entrance. You scout the area for parts and resources as suggested by Zo and meet Varl and Zo once you are ready

Speak with Varl and Zo and tell them that you are ready to talk to the Chorus. Aloy will try to convince the Chorus to enter the sacred cave but they don’t want to break their own tradition. An alarm disrupts the conversation and it is now time for Aloy to investigate the situation.

Follow Zo towards the mountains of Cordon. While traveling there, you will encounter some enemies. You can either choose to take them or ignore them to save your time. These enemies are new Apex variants of the machines you have fought before so make sure to scan them to register them in the Machine catalog

You will soon reach an open area where you will need to defeat a few Clawstriders and Scrappers. The weak point for a Clawstrider is its tail and its back while Scrappers have their backs as the weak spot. Aim for these parts in order to deliver maximum damage to your enemies.

Continue following Zo and Varl towards the Cordon and defeat any enemies you encounter in your way. After you reach the Cordon, enter the sacred cave.

Now it is time to explore this Sacred cave. The door is locked so you need to look for an alternative route. Fortunately, there is a ledge for you to climb upon.

Jump over the gap to continue your journey downhill and get past the locked door.

You will soon reach a cauldron door with red light which you need to override by pressing the R2 button. Enter the door and you will be greeted by some Leaplasher enemies. The weak spot for these machines is the green canisters on their back. So make sure you aim at those spots.

Now reach the second door and override it. You will need to remove the corrupted Hephaestus cables from the area. Go to the floor panel as shown above.

A rotating platform will now be activated, you will need to shoot some locks when the gold light is shown. Repeat this process for the second and the third platform as well.

After these platforms get locked, you will be able to climb them via the small yellow plank on the side of the floor panel. When you climb these pillars, make sure to look around for hooks and climbing points by moving your camera. These points will tell you which way to climb.

Now you need to lock another set of rotating platforms but you need to activate the floor panel first. You can’t shoot the locks by while standing on the floor panel so you need to find a weight to activate it. On the right, you will notice a partially shattered door.

Use the spear to completely destroy it. Once you climb there you will see a purple hexagon-shaped crate. Push the crate and drop it onto the floor panel below.

Now shoot the locks when the gold light appears and the platform will get locked. Proceed further using the yellow plank and jump onto the yellow climb points. Try to align yourself with the climbing point so you don’t end up falling down.

You will soon reach the third-floor panel, stand on the panel to shoot the locks into place. Once they get locked, climb them to reach a new platform.

Climb down below by turning left and override the network uplink by approaching the red light. The HEPHAESTUS cables will now be free from corruption so proceed further to the next area.

Now you need to override a second network uplink. While entering this new area, turn left and jump below from the yellow plank. You need to wait for the branch to lock momentarily then you can jump forward towards the next plank.

Continue towards the end of this platform where you will see two more climb points. Parkour your way forward and reach the next platform. Finally, you will be able to override the second network uplink

Now it’s time for the third network uplink. Continue on the path and you will soon see a floor panel where Varl and Zo are standing. You cannot interact with this panel but you can use it to glide your way across towards the other panel.

You will notice some steam coming out from climbable bars so you need to quick because these bars will close soon. Next climb the pillar to reach the plank.

Now you need to manage the timing of your jump to climb aboard those moving conveyors. Once you manage to grab on them, keep hanging until you see a new platform below you.

Then glide your way across to the floor panel and override the third network uplink. Continue further along via the newly opened door. You will soon reach a cauldron door which you need to override.

HEPHAESTUS has corrupted a machine so there is a new network uplink for you to override. Use the rope to rappel your way down and override the node.

It’s time for a boss fight! You need to defeat the Grimhorn, a new type of machine. It is vulnerable to Purgewater and Acid damage so try to aim your acid arrows towards its weak points.

Some more enemies will spawn in the area during the fight so you need to stay alert. We recommend you kill those smaller machines first so you can concentrate on defeating the Grimhorn. The Cluster launcher is a weak point of the Grimhorn so it will drop it once it gets hit allowing you to grab it and use it against him. Make sure to kill any remaining enemies once done.

Now it’s time to override the last cauldron core and it will give you the ability to override bristlebacks and some newer enemy types. That’s it, you have now successfully completed The Dying Lands story quest. You will be rewarded with 7500 XP,2 skills points, and 1 utaru whisperer.

Written by Borut Udovic

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