Horizon Forbidden West: Search West of the Quarry for Bristlebacks

The Bristlebacks is a side quest found in Horizon Forbidden West. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete all the objectives of this side mission.

This quest will appear on your map after you arrive in Chainscape for the first time but you cannot fully complete it until you finish “The Embassy” main quest.

Search West of the Quarry for Bristlebacks – Horizon Forbidden West

First, you need to pay a visit to a nearby Tavern in Chainscrape and talk to Javad the Willing.

Then travel to the quarry and then examine the dead Bristleback near the waterfall. Once have examined it, proceed further up the path towards the entrance of the mine.

Enter inside the mine and continue following the quest markers. Turn right when Aloy says that the tracks are collapsed.

You will soon enter a room with 2 bristlebacks. Defeat them to proceed further

Once you are done killing those machines, head into the tunnel with the broken tracks on the right side of the room.

As you enter the smoking tunnel, climb down towards the small room on your left. Read the note lying there among the blaze barrels.

Now exit the mine using the same which you used while entering. Then return to Jawad in the tavern at Chainscrape. You will need to complete the 4th main quest, “The Embassy” in order to find the source of the Bristlebacks beyond barren light.

Once you finish the 4th story quest in the game, you will be given a task to visit a rebel camp marked above. After reaching there, make your way towards the Rebel Machine Pens.

Use your focus to locate the rebels and machines in the area and then kill all of them. After you have defeated all the enemies, you will see a drawbridge further ahead. Shoot the ropes in order to lower the bridge then cross it to enter the cave.

A short cutscene will now play then you will need to return to Javad the willing in the Chainscrape tavern. Talk to him and the quest will be completed. You will receive 2330 XP and 2 skill points as a reward.

Written by Borut Udovic

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