Horizon MMO Reportedly Under Development With NCSoft

Horizon MMO Reportedly Under Development With NCSoft

It’s not easy to develop new IPs that can hold a series. And yet, a newcomer is holding its own and then some. The Horizon series which began with Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly getting an MMO title. What started as an exclusive property of Sony’s PlayStation has begun to expand to other platforms and other gameplay genres. The developers behind the series are supposedly working with experienced MMO designers in order to bring this title to life. Still, details remain slim at the moment.Here’s what we know so far.

On The Horizon With A New MMO

As the PlayStation 4 started to gather players, Horizon Zero Dawn significantly boosted those numbers in 2017. With the most recent entry being Horizon Forbidden West coming out earlier this year, it seems that the developers at Sony are tackling the possibility of an MMO. The games stood out for their sheer attention to detail. Their rich epic worlds also create a perfect platform for a huge online experience.

As reported by IGN, it appears that the Sony team will be working with developers from NCSoft, most known for their MMO Guild Wars 2. Since the game is still running after over 10 years, NCSoft is a smart addition to theteam.

There is a lot of complexity and beauty to be found in the Horizon games. The story follows Aloy, a young woman in a natural world built atop remnants of old technology. She soon discovers a device that allows her to tap into projections of the mechanical beasts roaming the world. This device lets her identify new tech and locate what remains of the fallen society. It incorporates sci-fi elements combined with survivor-hunter gameplay as she goes on a journey to learn about the past and discover more about herself.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West have received a lot of success and Sony is putting that towards an ambitious project. With the help of NCSoft, it’s looking like a Horizon MMO game may soon enter development to dawn on players in the future.

Written by Andrew Smith