How Big is Dead Island 2’s Map?

Dead Island 2 Map Regions
Publisher: Deep Silver

With the anticipation of Dead Island 2’s release finally over, fans wonder about Dead Island 2’s map size and various locations. One of the players’ main queries is how big the game’s map will be. The game world’s size can greatly impact the gameplay because it can determine how long it takes to explore everything and how many goodies, such as weapons, there are to find.

Dead Island 2’s map is slightly scaled-down compared to Dead Island Riptide. As a result, navigating to other districts is not as straightforward in this semi-open-world experience. But the upside is that there are many activities, quests, and more to explore and discover.

Is Dead Island 2 Open World?

Dead Island 2 can be best described as a semi-open world, unlike the previous Dead Island, which could largely be defined as an open world.

Players can explore the various neighborhoods that makeup Hell-A. Although you can move about them, these regions are locked. Some places will have opponents and collectibles in order to keep you from getting to everything right away. However, because of this scaled-down design, we wouldn’t call it an open-world game.

All Map Regions in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Map Regions
Publisher: Deep Silver

Dead Island 2 includes ten different regions:

  • Brentwood Sewer 
  • Bel-Air 
  • Halperin Hotel 
  • Beverly Hills 
  • Monarch Studios
  • Ocean Avenue
  • Venice Beach
  • The Metro
  • The Pier
  • Hollywood Boulevard


Venice Beach is the largest area in Dead Island 2. Therefore, it has the most missions and side quests. Unlike the Brentwood Sewer and The Metro, many places are only paths to travel from A to B and aren’t fully developed. Each region will have story missions, side quests, journals to gather, and many zombies to satiate your bloodlust.

You must remember that Dead Island 2 isn’t an open world from the get-go. Instead, you’ll have to unlock different cities as you progress through the game. To navigate to each region, you’ll have to fast travel there. That’s pretty much all you need to know about Dead Island 2’s map size, locations, and how big they are. Stay tuned for more Dead Island 2 updates.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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