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Horizon Forbidden West’s latest DLC has finally arrived, and with its arrival, fans are wondering what’s going on with Burning Shores Length and playtime. First, Burning Shores brings some new DLC content in the form of Main missions and a sprinkling of side quests. But what is Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores’ length? Just how long does it take to beat? Next, we’ll delve into everything from the average casual gamer to a completionist playtime for Burning Shores.

Here’s Burning Shores‘ playtime and length. Find out how long it takes to beat Burning Shores:

Activities Casual Speedrun
Main Story Quests Under 8 Hours Under 6 Hours
Main Story + Side Quests 12 Hours and 30 Minutes 9 Hours
Completionist Route (100%) –

Including Voice Logs

14 Hours and 25 Minutes 11 Hours and 25 Minutes
All Playstyles 12 Hours and 30 Minutes Under 7 Hours

How Long To Beat Burning Shores’? Playtime and Length

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores
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It all comes down to your playstyle and what you’re trying to achieve in Burning Shores. The average gamer can expect to complete Burning Shores in under 10 hours. But there are a lot of variables to consider, such as the overall difficulty and the number of deaths (or the lack thereof). 

If you’re the type of player aiming to immerse themselves in the DLCs lore, locating every car trunk, chests, and discovering all the little details, Burning Shores’ length and playtime can drastically go up. But, conversely, it’ll drastically take less time to beat Burning Shores if you go in guns blazing, skipping voice logs, and aiming just to complete the game.

Once you’ve wrapped up Burning Shores’ main story, there’s still lots of stuff left to do if you go the completionist route. Therefore, expect to tank in an additional 5-10 hours of playtime when going for an entire completion route in Burning Shores. Keeping that in mind, players aiming for a 100% completion rate can expect to complete the DLC in approximately 15 hours.

Burning Shores Playtime and Length: Different Playstyles

Horizon Forbidden West Playtime Length
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Main Story

As for different playstyles, things can vary considerably. Players that go for just the main story aiming for a chill and casual experience can expect to finish the game in under 8 hours. On the flip side, if you’re planning for a quick playthrough of the main story, you can comfortably finish it in under 6 hours.

Main Story + Side Quests

Adding side-quests into the mix, if you’re casually breezing through the game with no worry in sight, expect to complete Burning Shores in under 12 hours. In contrast, PS5 players can still finish all story and side-quest missions in 9 hours if they go for a more rushed approach.

Main Story + Side Quests + Voice Logs + Collectibles

Finally, the completionist route bumps up your Burning Shores playtime by a mere 2 hours. But, again, the casual completionist can expect to wrap up the Forbidden West expansion in under 15 hours. And those with the determined souls of speedrunners can finish the game in just under 11 hours and 30 minutes.

This bit not only includes narrative side-quests but also a plethora of many other unique mini-games and events Aloy can put herself through. Exploration is really top-tier and easier to manage in Burning Shores, reducing how long it takes to beat the game considerably. In addition, Aloy can now take control of a new mount that allows both aerial flight and underwater traversal, making exploration a walk in the park.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Burning Shores offers loads of ancient objects to scavenge all across the new map.


In a nutshell, it takes around 5-15 hours to beat Burning Shores. This all comes down to your playstyle and run approach. Players hoping to breeze through the main story and side quests casually can expect to finish it in under 12 hours. Still, the die-hard completionist speedrunner can still finish Burning Shores in under 12 hours.

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