How to play as Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

play as Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Ever since he’s been introduced, Nintendo fans have adored Luigi. The overlooked brother, the black sheep, the Italian plumber who doesn’t fit the pipe. While he may not get the attention he deserves in his own universe, we certainly make up for it in ours. While players typically play as Mario in most games, here is how to play as Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Can you play as Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey?

How to play as Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey was a smash hit when it was released, and still remains a fun 3-D platforming experience today. The semi-disturbing hat-based possession mechanic made the game unique, offering the perspective of various Mario universe NPCs.

Through installing the Balloon World update, Luigi becomes a fixture of each kingdom. Unfortunately, throwing the hat at him doesn’t possess him. Rather, we all know Mario will never walk a day in Luigi’s shoes. 

Some fans offer some compelling theories regarding Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey. Some claim that collecting every power moon in every kingdom unlocks him. Others say that ranking at the top of every single leader board across the online modes will unlock him. 

After totally trying out both of these hypotheses, it can safely be concluded that they are, indeed, false. They’re probably just Luigi disinformation agents though. 

The sad truth of the matter, how to play as Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey, is that players simply can’t. Not only has the haunted mansion owner extraordinaire been ostracized by his own world, but by his creators as well. 

There are some subversive ways of getting Luigi into the game. They all involve modding unfortunately. Now, the average Switch owner probably shouldn’t start tampering with their game system’s hardware and software, especially with the many safe-guards and pre-existing issues present. But for those that just need Luigi, it’s an option. 

Written by Andrew Smith

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