How Splinterlands Power is Calculated

How Splinterlands Power is Calculated

Power helps you climb in the Splinterlands league. The higher your rank, the better your rewards are at the end of the season. This is why it’s important to have high enough power points that match your actual rating.

Collection Power, CP, or Power Points is the sum of the burn rate of all the cards that can be used in play in your account. Burn Rate is the amount of Dark Energy Crystals that you can get if you “delete” or remove your card from existence.

This mechanic was implemented in the early days of Splinterlands and stands to this day. In general, the stronger and rare the card, the higher the burn rate. The burn rate also changes depending on if the card is a regular foil card or a gold foil card.

Splinterlands Power Calculation

Since power is simply just the total burn rate of all your cards, you simply need to get more cards to increase your power. Gold foil cards offer 50x the burn value compared to regular ones, which in turn will significantly increase your power.

Here’s an updated power chart that can help you keep track of your DEC or Dark Energy Crystals per card.

Splinterlands Updated Power chart
Splinterlands Updated Power chart

You can either purchase new ones, rent other cards, or ask for delegations to get more cards. Purchasing cards are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is go to the “Market” tab and choose the card that you want to buy. You should be able to see all the different prices and listings that are available.

Next, you can also rent cards. Renting cards is quite similar to purchasing them. Just head on over to the “Market tab” and click on the “Card Rentals” option. Here you should see all the cards available for you to rent. But, renting cards are only a temporary solution to increase your overall power.

Finally, you can ask for delegations. Asking for a delegation is essentially borrowing a card from your friend. The same system allows for card rentals and leasing cards to other players. Delegated cards are still owned by the original player but count towards your own power points. This is just another temporary solution.

If you’re looking to permanently increase your power points, then you’re left with no choice but to buy some new cards. You can also filter the cards in the marketplace to find a specific card that you are looking for.

That’s everything that you need to know about how Splinterlands power is calculated.

Written by Borut Udovic

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