How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

How To Beat Flying Dragon Agheel In Elden Ring

Like the Tree Sentinel, there’s a good chance that you will run into the Flying Dragon Agheel early on in Elden Ring. Agheel is extremely difficult to beat right at the start of the game. But after a few hours, you should be ready to beat Flying Dragon Agheel if you come at his prepared to do battle.

There are a couple of key items you will need to defeat Agheel. Once you have these items, your fight against this Elden Ring boss will be significantly easier. The couple things you will need are your mount Torrent and a strong heavy weapon.

This boss fight is intimidating at first, but don’t be fooled by Agheel’s appearance. Agheel’s attacks do a lot of damage, but they are easy to memorize and easy to avoid once you get the timing right.

How to Get Torrent to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

The first thing you need to fight Agheel is Torrent. Torrent is your mount that you will unlock after visiting a few Sites of Grace. Torrent is essentially unmissable, and you will unlock them after a few hours of playing Elden Ring.

Stay on Torrent for the entirety of your battle against Agheel. Agheel breathes fire at you whenever you get close, so riding up to them on your mount is the only way to avoid instant death. Also, after you do some damage to Agheel, you will need Torrents speed to quickly get away.

How to Find a Great Sword in Elden Ring

Map in Elden Ring

You will need a heavy weapon to beat Flying Dragon Agheel. Since you will be on a mount for this fight, a larger weapon with a big sweeping range is best. We recommend the Lordsworn Greatsword, which you can find at the Gate Front Ruins.

Once you get near the ruins, go north towards the fates. There should be a soldier near a wagon near the gates. Also, there is a Site of Grace nearby. 

Weapon Loot - Defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring

Take out the soldier stealthy and jump onto the back of the wagon. Open the chest to get the sword. This sword works well on your mount and will be perfect for your fight against Agheel. If you want, you should also upgrade this weapon at a smithing table a couple of times.

Other weapons that work well to defeat Flying Dragon Agheel are Halbert-type weapons, like the one you get from the Tree Sentinel.

Flying Dragon Agheel Location

Agheel location in Elden Ring

Agheel is located east of The First Step (Site of Grace). You will enter a swamp area and see a group of soldiers standing around a bonfire. If you get close enough, Agheel will appear, and the battle will begin. 

What to Do in the Fight With Agheel

How To Beat Flying Dragon Agheel In Elden Ring

The fight against Flying Dragon Agheel is simple enough. Charge on your Mount towards Agheel’s legs. Charge up your heavy attack and unleash it on one of Agheel’s legs. You can refocus your auto-target to Agheel’s legs which makes this process a lot easier. 

Unfortunately, the fight is not that easy. If you hang around Agheel’s legs for too long, Agheel will spin around and do some serious damage to you. Additionally, Agheel will chase you and breathe fire in your direction.

There are several attacks that Agheel has that you should memorize.

  1. Sweeping Flame Attack: Does not track the player, but creates a firey death zone in front of Agheel. Avoid going in front of Agheel, and if you can get behind them and attack them once.
  2. Long Tracking Fire Attack: Tracks the player. A long cone of flames that is hard to dodge. Runaway and move perpendicular to the fire.
  3. Fire explosion: One big burst of flames that Agheel breaths out. Run far away from Agheel to avoid this attack.
  4. Sky Fire: While Agheel is flying, they will spray fire in a straight line from above. Avoid being under Agheel while they are flying.
  5. Spin Attack: If you hang around too long near Agheel, they will spin around and do damage. Whenever you attack Agheel, make it one or two hits and then run away. That way, you will avoid this attack.
  6. Stomp: Agheel will stomp its legs if you hang around too long. You can tell when they’re about to do this. Get out of the way as soon as possible when you see Agheel’s legs starting to move up. 

The attack strategy you will have to implement is avoiding Agheel’s attacks and then ride up to Agheel on Torrent and get one or two hits on their legs. Then, you will need to quickly run away and get some distance from Agheel so you can avoid their fire attacks.

Agheel will fly around the swamp area and land in different places. Therefore, you need to follow him around the swamp and when he is flying. Keep in mind that Agheel will attack you from the skies and on the ground, so keep your distance until it is safe to approach.

Repeat this process until you beat Flying Dragon Agheel. Once you kill this boss you will obtain a Dragon Heart. You can exchange it at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion for unique rewards.

Do you have any tips for fighting Agheel? Or any other tips for playing Elden Ring?

Let us know in the comments below. And in the meantime, also check out this guide on how to complete Rya’s quest.


  • Anton Charpentier

    Anton is freelance games writer from Canada. His work also appears on TheGamer. He is a fan of action-adventure games, strategy games, and all things indie.

Anton Charpentier

Written by Anton Charpentier

Anton is freelance games writer from Canada. His work also appears on TheGamer. He is a fan of action-adventure games, strategy games, and all things indie.

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