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How to Build a House in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Coconut Flask

Building a house in Stranded Deep is one of the most time and resource-intensive tasks you can undertake. It can also be one of the most rewarding. For one, who wants to live in a little thrown-together shelter? More than that, though, seeing such work come to fruition can be gratifying to the extreme. To get you started on the path, we will tell you how to build a house in Stranded Deep!

Stranded Deep House | How to Build

how to build a house in Stranded Deep

Essentially, there are five simple steps to follow when you’re trying to build a house in Stranded Deep:

  • Equip a hammer
  • Gather materials in your inventory that match a recipe for a foundation
    • You can find foundations in your Building menu
  • Place the foundation then hit it with your hammer until it is built
  • Gather resources for the next part of the house you want to build
  • Rinse and repeat

Even if you gather all of the resources available in the game, they are almost useless without a hammer. To construct buildings (as well as various other tools and equipment), you will need a crude hammer (1 lashing, 1 stick, 2 rocks) or a refined hammer, which can only be obtained from shipwrecks. Once you have a hammer and building materials, you are ready to start constructing a house!

To start building, equip your hammer in your hands. If you have the necessary materials in your inventory, you can open your Building menu. As with real structures, you will want to build your house from the bottom up.

Choose a foundation that you have the materials for and an outline of the foundation will appear in front of you! Walking around, the phantom foundation will turn either red or blue, with blue meaning that you can build the foundation wherever the blue sprite is.

When you do, the foundation’s skeleton will appear. Aim your hammer at the incomplete foundation and a circular progress bar will appear. Just start smacking that thing with your hammer and the foundation will build itself. Just like real life! You see, learning how to build a house in Stranded Deep really isn’t that hard after all!

This same basic method applies to all buildings. Several of the structures will require that you have a foundation or some sort of support first, but it is fairly simple to deduce. For example, you cannot build a roof section if you have not completed the wall that it needs to sit on.

It’s also worth noting that there aren’t any mechanical differences between the types of houses you can build. The only difference is to be how you want your house to look. However, if you’re going to be stuck on an island, you might as well be comfortable, right?

And like that, you know how to build a house in Stranded Deep! It will take quite some time to gather resources, but it will be worth it. If anything, it might be nice to have just to avoid suffering sunstroke… Again.

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Written by Andrew Smith