How to Change Sounds in Discord

Discord can be a great way to communicate with your teammates while gaming however the default sounds made by the program to notify its users can be quite annoying. In this guide, we will tell you how to change the sounds in Discord.

How to Change Sounds in the Discord

The default notification sound in Discord can be pretty annoying however you can only change it on the Discord app available on PC and not on the mobile or browser version of the app.

This is because the Discord PC application stores the configuration files on your system which can be easily changed by replacing them. You will be easily able to replace those sounds even with music tracks of your choice.

So in order to change the sound on the Discord desktop application, follow these steps:

1. First find a good sound of your choice that you can use to replace the default sounds in the app.

2. Open the start menu on your PC and search run in the search bar

3. In the run search bar, type %appdata%. Click on the OK button and the folder will be opened

4. Once this folder is opened, navigate your way to:


If this folder isn’t available on your computer then try navigating to the following folder:


Do note that the version refers to the current version of Discord on your PC

5. Copy the sound that you found and paste it into the folder.The sound files start with “f_” so you won’t have problem finding them

That’s it, the default notification sound will now be replaced with the new sound of your choice.

In case you don’t wish to replace any files in the program then you can try an alternative program called Better Discord that has many features including the ability to use your own sounds.

After you have downloaded the application, find a plugin from the menu called notification sound which allows you to change the default sound.

That’s it, these are some of the ways that you can follow in order to change the default sound on the Discord app. Do note they will only work on the Desktop version of the Discord app and won’t work on the browser or mobile version.

Written by Borut Udovic

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