How to Clean PS5 & Fix Loud Fan Noise

Before we get anywhere near the cleaning process or talk about the methods, it is very important to mention that this may void you warranty depending on the warranty policy from the retail store you got your PS5 from. The official warranty isn’t voided because only the side panels come off, but the point is, exercise caution, and make sure this doesn’t violate your particular warranty policy!

Clean Your PS5 & Fix The Loud Fan Noise

Before we start taking off the panels, you might need to run to the local store for a few supplies. The following supplies are what’s needed to clean your PS5:

  • Compressed Air;
  • Vacuum;
  • Soft Cloth;
  • Rubbing Alcohol.

Once you’ve got all of the supplies ready, it is time to start taking off the side panels.

Taking Off Sidepanels

Start with the top panel with the PS logo. Lay your PlayStation flat, and grab the panel with one hand at the PS logo and the other diagonally on the opposite side. Then, pull down the panel downwards. A common indication of what direction you need to pull is the PS logo. Simply, pull downwards to where the bottom side of the logo is.

The other panel can be taken out in the same fashion. Just flip your PS5 to the other side, and you’ll need to place one hand at the top (diagonally opposite of the CD tray), and another at the bottom.

Then, simply push towards the bottom of the console.

However, don’t take the both of the sidepanels at once. Take off one, clean it, and then the other one.

Cleaning The PS5

Once the first side panel is off, use the vacuum to remove the dust from the two dust traps:

Once you’ve vacuumed that bit, do the same for the fan as well. Then, get your compressed air, and blow in the fan header as much as possible, from all sides.

Also, blow compressed air into the openings of the console which can be found on the sides. Then, vacuum the fan one more time.

At this point, grab your soft cloth towel, put a small amount of rubbing alcohol and wipe down the whole area, along with the inside of the actual panel itself.

Put the side panel back on, then remove the other one, and repeat the same process.

NOTE: There are more efficient ways of cleaning out the fans on your PS5, but usually, they void the warranty. This is the best method for cleaning your PS5 without voiding your warranty.

In any case, if you’re dealing with a loud fan, this will most definitely solve that issue, should it be caused by a dust build-up.

Lastly, I would also exercise caution with putting the side panels back on, mainly because the plastic clips can be easily broken. Take your time with that step.

Written by Borut Udovic

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