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How to Complete the Rooftop Gaps in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Rooftop Gaps

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 features a stage in Downtown Minneapolis. A part of its single-player campaign, Downtown Minneapolis has a lot of challenging goals and one of them is to complete the Rooftop Gaps. Because it’s later in the campaign, this triple jump can be tough to time and tougher to get credit for. That’s why we’ve got a guide to how to make it look easy.

How to Jump the Rooftop Gaps in Downtown Minneapolis

In order to complete the Rooftop Gaps challenge in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, you must get to the roofs. To do so, you can go behind one of the trucks and break through the glass, or jump up there using a ramp from the hidden tunnels.

Gap one is across the street, near where you got the Popcorn Bucket. Break the glass around the planters for an easier landing.

After that, you jump to where you collected the secret tape. This one is much easier, but you have to do it in a row with the first gap. Otherwise, you need to start all over, which murders your time.

The last gap goes up a wooden ramp, to a rail down below. If you don’t have enough speed to make it to the rail, you wont get credit. Make sure you get a lot of speed with manuals and other strategies. You don’t want this one to be the reason you fail!

The Rooftop Gaps might be one of the most time-consuming challenges in the game. So, make sure you practice it, and maybe do the other challenges first to build up your confidence! You can actually do a few of the challenges while you attempt this one. If you’re feeling a bit risky, then the Rooftop Gaps challenge can be one of the best ways to traverse Downtown Minneapolis.

If you’re not ready to try Rooftop Gaps challenge quite yet, or you’ve already completed it, then be sure to check out our other Tony Hawk guides!

Written by Andrew Smith