How To Find Amelia’s Three Missing Dolls In Redfall’s House of Echoes Quest

How To Find Amelia's Three Missing Dolls In Redfall's House of Echoes Quest
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The House of Echoes Quest is one of the earlier missions in Redfall. Arkane, true to their style, hasn’t skimped out on puzzle-solving and goes full force in this quest. Like most puzzle-solving missions, you’re tasked to search for puzzle items. In this case, you must find three missing dolls in Redfall to proceed with the House of Echoes quest. Puzzles aren’t everyone’s forte, so here’s how to find Amelia’s three missing dolls in Redfall.

Here’s how to find Amelia’s three missing dolls in Redfall’s House of Echoes Quest:

  • The first doll is in the left corner of the greenhouse, situated behind the manor.
  • The second doll is on the Kitchen chopping board inside Dr. Addison’s Mansion.
  • The third doll is found in the manor’s attic. You’ll need to find the Loft Key to unlock the attic.

How to Find Amelia’s Three Dolls in Redfall (House of Echoes Quest)

House of Echoes Quest
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The House of Echoes quest is a mandatory mission in Redfall as a part of the game’s campaign. You’re supposed to unravel the mystery behind Dr. Addison and find key info regarding Redfall’s vampire infestation.

To unlock the House of Quest Mission in Redfall, you must complete the Giving You Tomorrow mission. After that, the objective revolves around unraveling the mystery surrounding the Hollow Man and Dr. Addison. Afterward, you’ll have to make your way to the aforementioned manor.

Amelia's Story
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You’re tasked to make your way through the titular House of Echoes. The mansion is guarded by vampires and cultists, with even more enemies waiting inside. Depending upon the hero you choose, you can enter the mansion in multiple ways. As you finally enter the manor, you’ll be directed to Amelia’s room. Look right, and you’ll find a creepy doll house with three glowing auras. You’ll be prompted with “Find the missing dolls 0/3”.

You must carefully understand Amelia’s story, revealing clues about the missing dolls. Here’s what you’re told:


Lucy Doll – loves to cook and bake

Tina Doll – loves to hide at the tippy top

Bella Doll – loves to garden all year ’round.”

First Doll

First Doll
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Assuming you cleared out the horde of vampires and cultists, you’ll need to backtrack to the outside of the manor. Make your way to the greenhouse found behind the mansion. It’s right at the first left corner of the greenhouse wall. There you’ll find the first doll.

Second Doll

Second Doll
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Now, head into the manor, and proceed to the Kitchen. Look towards the chopping board, and you’ll find the second doll.

Third Doll

Third Doll Loft Key
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You’ll need to find a key to get your hands on the last doll. Proceed to the second floor of the manor. You’ll find a room with a four-post bed. The Loft Key, needed to access the third doll, can be found on top of a box.

The Third Doll
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Head upstairs and unlock the mansion’s attic. The third doll will be found casually placed in the middle of some boxes on a mat. It’s hard to miss it with the glowing makeshift tent.

Head back to Amelia’s room. Interact with the doll house….and enter it. From here on out, continue with the rest of the mission.


That pretty much wraps up how to find Amelia’s three missing dolls in Redfall’s House of Echoes Quest. So get all three dolls, return to Amelia’s room, and enter the doll house. It’s simple enough!

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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