How to Find Mechant Kale | Church of Elleh Location – Elden Ring

Merchants play a vital role in your journey in Elden Ring since you can trade various items such as armour sets, crafting kits, weapons etc. One such merchant that you will meet early in the game is Merchant Kale. In this guide, we will tell you where to find him and all items you buy from him

How to Find Mechant Kale | Church of Elleh Location – Elden Ring

Merchant Kale is a very important NPC located in the Limgrave whom you will meet early in the game. You will come across many merchants in the game and Merchant Kale is one of them. Meeting Merchants is important for your progress since each of them will have unique items on offer.

You will find him at the Church of Elleh located in the Limgrave region of the game. To reach the church of Elleh you need to head north from the first Site of Grace after you exit the Fringefolk’s Hero Grave.

Below is a list of all the items sold by Merchant Kale. The crafting kit should be your first essential purchase as it will allow you to craft valuable items that will help your progress on your journey. Most of these items only have 1 quantity available but you can buy infinite arrows from him if your character is a bowman:

Bastard Sword5001
Noble Sorcerer Ashes4001
Battle Axe4001
Lone Wolf Ashes2001
Cracked Pot2005
Leather Shield2001
Deserter’s Cookbook1501
Missionary’s Cookbook1501
Crafting Kit501


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