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How To Find the BWRP Technician’s Key and Liquidator Claws in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2
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Like any game, Dead Island 2 features loads of goodies and collectibles to unearth as you explore the depths of Hell-A. While the main story tops off at a solid 20 hours, there’s more to the game than meets the eye. You can find loads of lockboxes with keys in Dead Island that allow players to access a plethora of versatile weapons and blueprints. We’ll be looking into how to find the BWRP Technician’s Key, which unlocks the Liquidator Claws in Dead Island 2.

To get the BWRP Technician’s Key in Dead Island 2, track down Felipe The Sewer Tech after completing The Red Mist mission. Then, go to the Brentwood Sewers after unlocking fast travel to Venice Beach. Inside the Automated Hydrostatics Monitoring, you’ll find Felipe in the murky waters. After collecting the key, head to the BWRP staff drawers to unlock the Liquidator  Claws in Dead Island 2.

Zombie Type Key Lockbox Lockbox Location Weapon
Felipe The Sewer Tech Putrefied Slobber BWRP Technician’s Key BWRP Staff Drawers Automated Hydrostatics Monitoring Liquidator Claws

Lockboxes in Dead Island 2

So far, players have discovered nearly 50 lockboxes in Dead Island 2, and with each lockbox, you need to find a key. Considering there aren’t any markers, you’ll have to manually discover each lockbox key to claim the blueprints and weapons inside. This can be pretty detailed and tedious, but for this very reason, we’re here to help you out.

Once you discover lockboxes in Dead Island 2, they’re marked on your world map. As for the lockbox keys, they’re not placed in the game world. Instead, you’ll have to manually extract them from the corpse of each flesh-eating zombie in particular locations. And some specific key-dropping zombies spawn and drop keys after you finish a specific main story mission.

If you can’t find a particular zombie, ensure you’ve progressed in the game’s storyline and head back to the zombie’s spawn location.

How to Get the BWRP Technician Key in Dead Island 2

The BWRP Technician Key
Image Credits: Zafrost Pet on YouTube

The BWRP Technician Key can be found with the Putrified Slobber Zombie known as Felipe The Sewer Tech. Felipe is in the Brentwood Sewers at the murky Automated Hydrostatics Monitoring. But as mentioned earlier, you’ll need to meet some conditions to find Felipe, and it’s to progress through the main story. To spawn Felipe the Sewer Technician in Dead Island 2, you must head to the Brentwood Sewers after completing the main quest, The Red Mist.

After completing The Red Mist, you’ll unlock fast travel to Venice Beach, so just head back to Brentwood Sewers to kill Felipe and claim the BWRP Technician’s key. So, what’s next? Remember, Felipe is not an easy zombie to take down; he’s pretty spongy, so keep yourself stacked with Molotovs, a ranged weapon, and a powerful early Dead Island 2 weapon like the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword.

BWRP Staff Drawers

BWRP Staff Drawers
Image Credits: Zafrost Pet on YouTube

After you kill poor Felipe, who turned into a zombie, you’ll need to go to the BWRP Staff Drawers near the Automated Hydrostaics Monitoring.

Interact with the BWRP Staff Drawers, and you’ll obtain one of the most OP and coolest weapons in the game, dubbed the Liquidator Claws, a variation of the Bear Claw weapons found throughout Dead Island 2.

Liquidator Claws: Dead Island 2

Liquidator Claws
Image Credits: Zafrost Pet on YouTube


A variation of the Bear Claws weapon, the Liqidator Claws are pretty OP. These weapons have a Max Power of 366, the highest we’ve seen in-game. The Damage output stands at a staggering 373. Again, Force is a bit shy at just 16. Speed is average at just 1.0. The weapon’s Max Durability is 63

The Liquidator Claws are Sharp-type weapons with the Frenzy Passive allowing you to cause Critical Damage and a Moderate Damage Boost with each successive hit. Critical multiplier and Limb damage are all pretty basic, standing at 1.3 and 1.0, respectively. In addition, this weapon features the Rare Melee Liquidator Mod which inflicts Caustic damage, a boost in damage, and a Melting effect with each successive hit.


To compensate for the weak force output, the Liquidator Claws have a built-in High Impact Perk that increases overall Force by default. It’s one of the few weapons in the game with three accessible Perk slots.

Stats Value
Power 366
Damage 373
Force 16
Speed 1.0
Max Durability 63
Critical Multiplier 1.3
Limb Damage 1.0


  • Sharp
  • Frenzy: Rapid attacks trigger Critical Hits and a minor Attack Speed Boost. Effects stack.


  • Rare Melee Liquidator Mod: Converts your weapon to inflict Cuastic Damage and gives a moderate damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie apply the Melting Effect.


  • High Impact: Increases Force
  • Perk Slots: 3


So, that’s pretty much all you need to know on how to get the BRWP Technician’s key in Dead Island 2. After digging through Felipe’s corpse, you can use the key to unlock the BWRP Staff Drawers. Inside, you’ll find one of the best melee damage weapons in the game, dubbed the Liquidator Claws.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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