How to Fix Jurassic World Evolution 2 Crashing at Startup and Lag

How to Fix Jurassic World Evolution 2 Crashing at Startup and Lag

Most games encounter some errors every now and then. Sometimes, it can be caused by bugs or server problems, and sometimes, it can be caused by user error.

If you are experiencing crashing at startup, won’t launch, or FPS drops while playing Jurassic World Evolution 2. Make sure to follow some of the fixes available below.

Lower in-game settings

The first thing we recommend that you do is to lower your in-game settings. This can help with lag and FPS drop problems. However, if you are experiencing crashing at startup or if the game won’t even launch, you may have a different problem.

Check if your PC meets the recommended minimum system requirements of Jurassic World Evolution 2. Your PC might not be powerful enough to run the game, and unfortunately, we can’t do anything else about that.

If you’re sure that your PC can run the game, try out the other fixes.

Update GPU Drivers

Updating drivers is a simple yet often overlooked task by many PC users. Updating your GPU can help increase performance and provide additional support for new games like Jurassic World.

AMD users can simply go into the AMD Radeon Software and click on the “Check for Updates” button under the “System” tab. If your drivers are updated, the status should change to “Up to Date,” and you should be good to go.

For NVIDIA users, if you have GeForce Experience installed, it should automatically notify you of new driver releases for your device. If you don’t, you can check for new drivers directly from the NVIDIA website. Just input your GPU, and it should automatically show you the newest drivers.

Once you have your GPU drivers updated, restart your PC, and then try playing Jurassic World Evolution 2 again.

Check if your Windows is Updated

If your game still doesn’t work, you should try updating Windows. Updates for Windows also bring some added stability and support for new games.

To check if your Windows is updated, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the search bar, type in “Check for Updates,” and click on the best match.

Step 2: Press the “Check for updates” button and wait for windows to finish checking.

Step 3: Windows should then automatically start any updates that you have missed.

Step 4: Wait for the updates to finish installing and restart your PC.

If your machine is up to date and Jurassic World Evolution 2 is still crashing at startup, proceed to the next set of fixes.

Verify Game Integrity on Steam

Another reason why Jurassic World Evolution 2 is crashing or won’t startup is because you may have some corrupted or missing files. To check, all you have to do is verify the game integrity on Steam.

Follow these steps to verify your Jurassic World Evolution 2 files on Steam.

Step 1: Open Steam and go to your game library

Step 2: Find Jurassic World Evolution 2 from your list of games.

Step 3: Right-click on Jurassic World and select properties.

Step 4: Go to the “Local Files” tab and select “Verify integrity of game files

The Steam validation process should start right away. You need to have some patience here because it can take a while, depending on the speed of your PC.

After Steam validates your files, Jurassic World Evolution 2 should now work if the problem is missing or corrupted files.

Delete Temporary Files

Finally, you can also try deleting temporary files stored on your machine. Some temporary files might be interfering with Jurassic World Evolution 2, which is why it won’t startup.

Additionally, this also frees up a bit of storage space, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Step 1: Press the Windows and R keys together to open the Run box.

Step 2: Type in “%temp%” and press enter.

Step 3: You should now see your local temp folder filled with all the temporary files stored on your device. Select all files by pressing ctrl + A and then delete all files. Make sure to press “Skip” on any files that can’t be deleted because they are open in another program.

After deleting all these files, I suggest restarting your PC and then trying Jurassic World Evolution 2 once again.

Those were all the different steps and methods that you can do to fix Jurassic World Evolution 2 crashing at startup, won’t launch, or lags and FPS drops. Hopefully, you were able to fix your problems and errors. Enjoy playing Jurassic World Evolution 2!

Written by Borut Udovic

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