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How to Get a Flare Gun in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Flare Gun

Flare Guns in Stranded Deep serve as a portable light source as well as a great way to scare off creatures. They may also become a vital part of the game’s progression further down the line; players speculate that they may eventually be used to signal passing airplanes or ships in order to escape the island. With this possibility in mind, it’s a great idea to figure out where to find a Flare Gun. In this guide, we will go over how to get a Flare Gun in Stranded Deep.

Where to find a Flare Gun

Stranded Deep Flare Gun

Flare Guns are primarily found in shipwrecks as a lootable item. You can find shipwrecks near or on various islands as well as at the bottom of the ocean. Each type of shipwreck — including plane wrecks — contain several areas where various types of lootable items can be found, including the Flare gun and other tools or items. Once found, the Flare Gun can only be fired twice before running out of rounds.

In the main compartments, you can also find large components from console cabinets. However, we advise you to stay cautious around shipwrecks that are located deep or around the ocean. This is because these areas will sometimes have sharks. If you come face-to-face with one, you can learn how to handle them with our guide explaining how to kill a shark in Stranded Deep. Sharks aside, exploring underwater shipwrecks will also require the use of a water tank to avoid drowning.

Both planes and ships will also have several lootable containers such as container crates, cabinets, and lockers. These will often have extremely valuable supplies that are vital to your survival. Be sure to explore them thoroughly.

That’s everything you need to know about both shipwrecks and the Stranded Deep Flare Gun. However, before setting off to find shipwrecks, we recommend checking out our guide to building a raft, as the raft will help you get to shipwrecks located both in the water or on various islands.

Written by Andrew Smith