How to Get an Exocraft in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky How to Get Exocraft

As you might know, an Exocraft is a planetary exploration vehicle in the indie hit No Man’s Sky. With these pioneering vessels, you can find points of interest, mine resources, and even battle Sentinels and the more aggressive animals. Once you build the appropriate geobay that will accommodate these machines, you’ll be ready to explore any planet. This guide will outline each of the requirements for how to get an Exocraft in No Man’s Sky, how to unlock blueprints, and then give a brief rundown on each vehicle. Buckle up!

How to Get an Exocraft Vehicle

No Man's Sky How to get an exocraft

To get an Exocraft vehicle in No Man’s Sky, all you need are the blueprints and the requisite crafting components.

To begin crafting, first go to your base. There, find the Specialist Terminal crafting menu. From there, go to “Exocraft Terminal.” After building or placing one, check the message that pops up. It will notify you that you need an operating technician.

Once complete, head to a space station. NPCs will guide you to a Vy’keen Technician that you can bring aboard. Once you have one, return to your base, interact with the tech, and get your Exocraft Blueprint.

Know this: In order to complete the next step, you will need these materials:

  • 5 metal platings
  • 100 Paranaffinium
  • 4 Ion Batteries (made from Cobalt and Ferrite Dust)

If you lack these things, you’d be wise to go out and acquire them first.

How to Get Exocraft Blueprint

In No Man’s Sky, players can get all Exocraft Geobay blueprints at the Construction Research Station. Just be aware that you’ll need to construct an Exocraft Terminal first.

After that, you can hire a Vy’keen Technician for your planetary or freighter base and then complete some short missions. They are fairly simple, so do not shy from them! Once you complete these tasks, you will be in business and can begin construction at your geobays.

However, you can only acquire the Pilgrim Geobay from the Construction Research Station for ten (10) Salvaged Technology. This is the same cost as the Exocraft Summoning Station, so be wary.

The Roamer geobay blueprint can be obtained from the Base Computer and its Base Computer Archives mission. This lets players circumvent building an Exocraft Terminal.

Exocraft Vehicle Types: Nomad, Roamer, Colossus, Pilgrim, and Nautilon

There are a total of five Exocraft vehicle types in No Man’s Sky, each of which can be continually upgraded and modified. Here’s a list of the different types available as well as more details on each type of vehicle.


The Nomad is the smallest Exocraft available. While having only 16 slots worth of cargo space, this little guy is fast. It’s so agile that it can even glide over water, and has the Acceleration Module included in its base design. However, it can also equip a Signal Booster, Mining Laser, and Mounted Cannon.


Say hello to the middle-weight bruiser. The Roamer has 28 slots of inventory and can traverse rough terrain fairly easily, including limited underwater capabilities. It can also make use of the Signal Booster, Mining Laser, Mounted Cannon, and Acceleration Module upgrades.


And now it’s time to welcome the big boy. The Colossus is the largest Exocraft in the game, and provides an appropriate 42 slots of inventory. This is really meant for harvesting resources and ferrying them back, rather than exploration. It even includes the Mining Laser in its base schematics. While it cannot accommodate an Acceleration Module, the Colossus can gain a Signal Booster and a Mounted Cannon.


The Pilgrim carries only 16 slots worth of inventory. Like the Nomad, it comes pre-installed with the Acceleration Module. However, the Pilgrim is even faster than the Nomad. It has the longest lasting boost capabilities and can span enormous leaps. That being said, water is its kryptonite. It slows to a crawl in pretty much anything larger than a puddle.


This submarine would have made Captain Nemo proud. The Nautilon can manage underwater combat, mining, and navigation. Unfortunately, you can only really use this baby on ocean planets.

Now that you know how to craft an Exocraft in No Man’s Sky and have learned a bit about each vehicle, you are ready to go! Choose which Exocraft best suits your needs, load up, and explore!

Written by Andrew Smith