How To Get Any Legendary Weapon (Trick) In Redfall

How to Get The Basswood Safehouse Key In Redfall
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Redfall is out, and it’s filled with loads of bugs. It’s messy, but that’s pretty much the story for any AAA release these days. But bugs aside, you can exploit a peculiar little glitch to get any legendary weapon you want. So, what’s this legendary weapon trick in Redfall? Let’s dive right into it.

To get any legendary weapon in Redfall, you’ll have to start at the Fire Station at the beginning of the game. Then, head to Wheeler’s Sporting Goods marked on the map. Head straight. Get past the fire station and keep moving forward.

You’ll eventually get to the store. Head inside, and behind a desk, you’ll find a legendary weapon drop. Don’t pick it up if it isn’t the one you’re looking for. Instead, quit to the main menu. Start from the Fire Station again. Repeat till you get the legendary weapon you’re looking for in Redfall.

The Redfall Legendary Weapon Trick

Wheeler's Sporting Goods
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Before we get into the legendary weapon trick in Redfall, you must keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, loot is Random in Redfall. Every playthrough of the game drops different types of items and weapons.

Legendary drops are usually random, and this aspect of the game can be exploited to get the right weapon for the job. The legendary weapon trick lets you get some of the best weapons early in Redfall.

Making it to the Fire Station
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So, you need to load into the game where you first make it to the Fire Station. Then, go to Wheeler’s Sporting Goods marked on the World Map. Then, exit the Fire Station and head straight past the iron gate. Keep heading straight and traverse the small patch of foliage and trees.

Turn to the left and continue along the stone bridge past the small river. Make your way past the grass and a few houses. You’ll finally make it to a gas station sprawling with Vampires.

Moving Forward Without Engaging any Vampires
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Continue along the road and keep moving forward without engaging with any Vampires, and before you know it, you’ve made it to Wheeler’s Sporting Goods. Now, you need a lockpick to open up the main entrance to the store. But optionally, you can break the store’s window and vault right inside.

Breaking the Store Window
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Make it to the back of the store, and you’ll spot a stuffed deer. Then, behind a desk, you’ll find a legendary weapon next to a weapon rack. If it isn’t the weapon you’re looking for, pause the game and quit back to the main menu.

Loot is random in Redfall and varies as you quit and load your save. Then, you’ll start off at the Fire Station once again. Do this a couple of times until you find the legendary weapon you’re looking for in Redfall.

Remember, there’s no going back once you pick up the legendary weapon. The legendary weapon trick can be used once, and it’s the best method to get your hands on a powerful weapon early on in Redfall.


That pretty much wraps up how to get any legendary weapon in Redfall with this weapon trick. Now, blast through vampires and have a great time, and repeat this for any Legendary drop you find in the game.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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