How to Get Azoth Staff In New World

And for this you need two things; an Azoth Staff and a powerful gear. Gear part depends entirely on how fast and detailed you play the game. If you level up fast, you can drop high level gears and equip them by entering high level dungeons. The Azoth Staff part of the job is much easier. All you need is to follow the main story of the game.

The Azoth Staff is part of the main storyline in New World. Since it’s part of Lore, you’ll eventually get Azoth Staff. But if you’ve just started the game or if you have Azoth Staff and don’t know what it is for, we will tell you how to get Azoth Staff and where to use it.

What is the Azoth Staff Used For?

You must have seen red and black fog clouds on the map while playing the game and doing your quests. These are main story-related events with different levels that allow you to drop awesome items. You always make the last move with Azoth Staff to clear Corruption. People do Corruptions anyway, not knowing they need Azoth Staff to clear Corruptions. Even if you kill all mobs in Corruption, if you don’t have Azoth Staff, you won’t be able to get drops or finish Corruption.

Corruptions spawn randomly and frequently. So people use that places to level up so quickly. You will use Azoth Staff in these Corruptions, but it is enough to have it in your bag. That means technically people do not have to use it after unlocking it. The reason for this is that Corrupted areas are usually done as a group, not as a single person. Therefore, only one player needs to use Azoth Staff to finish Corruption. So if you unlock Azoth Staff, you will get drops and XP as long as you help to clean up mobs.

So if you haven’t unlocked Azoth Staff yet, will you be able to get rewards? Unfortunately no. Azoth Staff will be given to you as a result of a series of quests. That means you need to complete the main quests of the game. So if you try to do Corruption without completing this questline, you will fail and you will not get the rewards.

You also have to use Azoth Staff frequently in some Expeditions. For example, when doing The Amrine Excavation, one of the most popular dungeons, you will have to use Azoth Staff in many places. The Azoth Staff’s power is used to open some portals and doors. But again, it will be enough if only one player uses it.

The Azoth Staff Tier Level

The Tier Level of your Azoth Staff will also increase as you continue through the main questline. The game does not allow you to go and do 40 level expeditions when you are at level 20 because it knows you are not strong enough. That’s why you have Azoth Staffs suitable for every level range. By increasing the tier of the Azoth Staff, it will allow you to close higher level Corrupted Breaches, and earn even greater rewards. The Azoth Staff has 5 tiers in total. Each tier allows the player to take part in higher level expeditions as each upgrade allows you to finish and seal higher level Corruptions.

  • Tier I – Forge Your Azoth Staff quest (Level 20)
  • Tier II – Covenant Commitment quest (Level 30)
  • Tier III – The Alliance quest (Level 40)
  • Tier IV – Race for the Box quest (Level 50)
  • Tier V – The Tempest’s Heart quest (Level 60)

How to Unlock the Azoth Staff In the First Place?

The Azoth Staff is a reward for completing the “Forge Your Azoth Staff” quest, a quest tied to the main story. You get this questline when you reach Level 12. And you finish it when you are 19-20. You obtain each part of the staff and forge it at the final step. Then you are ready to use it, just equip it from your inventory to the Azoth Staff section that is especially left for it.

The steps of this questline as follows;

  • The First Component
  • The Living Seed
  • Adiana’s Fountain
  • Weakness of the Ego
  • Plains of the Pestilent
  • Nature’s Gift
  • Argent and Aether
  • Forge Your Azoth Staff

1. First of all you must complete your main storyline started by The Hermit (Yonas Alazar) at the Fisherman’s Bend. The first story is “The Old Man Who Cried Corruption”. After that you will start your Azoth Staff quests with Yonas Alazar and the first quest will be “The First Component”. This quest is all about finding the first piece of the Azoth Staff at Traitor’s Hold in Monarch’s Bluffs. Enter the cave, then climb up one of the rocks and open the chest.

2. Then you will continue to do your main story quests. You will go to the quest giver Adiana Theron and she will provide you new quests to be completed. In “Adiana’s Fountain” you should clear some Corruptions as she asks you to. They are pretty challenging, so be careful. Return to Adiana when you are done.

3. In “Weakness of the Ego”, Adiana will ask you to create three Corruption Tinctures. So you will need some materials to do that. (3 Water, 3 Petalcap, 3 Rivercress Stem, all can be found in riversides.)

4. In the “Argent and Aether” quest, you need to craft or find 5 Silver Ingots. Then you will go to the Amrine Temple, at the northeast corner of Windsward. There you will defeat a boss named Ezra, The Forgemaster. He guards the Ancient Forge. He may be a bit hard to defeat, so try to do it with DPS weapons or with someone else.

5. After that, at the final step, you will have to forge your Azoth Staff in The Shattered Obelisk. Then talk to the Fisherman to finish the questline. Now you can easily equip your Azoth Staff and dive into adventures.

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