How to Get Blood Essence: V Rising

V Rising is a game where all the players are playing as vampires. With any vampire movie or game, there has to be blood involved. V Rising has implemented a blood system that is so unique, it’s become an essential thing for the game. Blood is used for becoming stronger, surviving, and even strengthening your base.

This guide will show you how to obtain Blood Essence in V Rising!

How to Get Blood Essence: V Rising

The most common way of obtaining Blood Essence is by feeding on most living creatures. Anything that moves around and is alive, you can kill it and drain its blood to replenish your health or even become stronger.

Killing higher level enemies and unique ones will grant you more blood essence and you will become stronger as you drink their blood.

As you attack enemies, you will get a “Feed” option on them. That is similar to a finisher. You will dash on to the enemy and feast on their blood.

Written by Borut Udovic

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